What is Fishing Line Memory?

what is fishing line memory

Fishing line memory is the result of monofilament line sitting on a spool for too long. It can develop curls, which reduces casting distances and increase the chances of the line getting tangled on the reel.

How do you get rid of memory on a fishing line?

Make sure you re-spool your fishing line on a regular basis, especially if fishing in an area with lots of vegetation. If fishing in this type of environment, you’ll want to spool up more often than usual. Make sure the fishing line isn’t exposed to air and sunlight on the spool for extended periods of time (i.e. don’t leave fishing line sitting out in direct sunlight all day). It won’t hurt to roll the fishing line spool in your hands for a bit to mix up the fishing line, but make sure you store it properly after doing this. If fishing with braid instead of monofilament fishing line, it’s best to use a fluorocarbon leader, which doesn’t have memory issues.

What Types of Fishing Line are Affected by Fishing Line Memory?

Monofilament fishing line is the most common type of fishing line and is therefore the fishing line most likely to be affected by fishing line memory.

However, fishing line memory is common in all types of fishing lines that are spooled up for too long without being used.


All in all, if your line isn’t sitting for prolonged periods of time you won’t have to worry about your line forming memory.

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