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A Fellow Fisherman is curated by fishermen who are passionate about passing along the knowledge that they have gained through many years of guiding and recreational fishing. I have recruited both saltwater and freshwater anglers from around the US to help me create the most useful fishing resource on the web. Each page and post has been written, edited, and published by the team here at A Fellow Fisherman.

My name is Tyler Brady, the founder of A Fellow Fisherman. I am a USCG Licensed captain and avid fisherman based out of Southeast North Carolina. I mostly fish in saltwater, with the Atlantic and Cape Fear being in my backyard. Furthermore, I often travel inland during the cooler months to fish in many of the freshwater lakes, streams, and rivers that my great state has to offer.

My team consists of writers from Wyoming, California, Texas, and New Jersey, which gives us the ability to write about many species and a wide variety of gear.

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After selling fishing and boating supplies for a living, I have gained experience and knowledge of the top brands in the industry and what to look for based on an individual’s fishing criteria. Now I have recruited a team of fellow fishermen to help me assemble the ultimate website for fishermen.

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