Skiff Boat Manufacturers: Top Choices For 2023 and Beyond

skiff boat manufacturers

Skiff boats have become increasingly popular for their versatility and ease of use, particularly for anglers and enthusiasts engaged in shallow-water fishing. Many skiff boat manufacturers prioritize quality, innovation, and performance in their designs to ensure that boating enthusiasts can experience the very best that the industry has to offer. Additionally, these manufacturers often offer possibilities to customize the boat to the customer’s specific needs and preferences.

Some notable skiff boat manufacturers include Abaco Skiff Co., Beavertail Skiffs, East Cape Boats, MAKO, and Carolina Skiff. These companies contribute outstanding skiffs to the market by utilizing state-of-the-art materials and construction techniques. Many of them are also family-owned, emphasizing a customer-focused approach and fostering a community of dedicated skiff boat users. Furthermore, these manufacturers are committed to creating boats that can withstand the challenges of saltwater conditions and possess the durability to last for years on the water.

In this article, we delve into the world of skiff boat manufacturing, highlighting the features and innovations that set apart these top manufacturers. By exploring their production processes, customization options, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we hope to provide an informative resource for enthusiasts looking to purchase or learn more about skiffs and the manufacturers shaping the industry.

Top Skiff Boat Manufacturers

In this section, we will explore three of the top skiff boat manufacturers in today’s market.

Manufacturer 1: Carolina Skiff

Carolina Skiff is a leading manufacturer of skiff boats, founded in 1986 by John Nixon. They are located in Waycross, Georgia, and specialize in skiffs and other small boats for fishing and recreation. Carolina Skiff is one of the largest manufacturers of skiff boats in the USA. Their lineup also includes Sea Chaser, Aggressor Boats, and Fun Chaser pontoon and deck boats for ultimate freshwater and saltwater family fun.

Notable Models:

  • Carolina Skiff 17 DLX
  • Sea Chaser 24 HFC
  • Fun Chaser 22 DS

Manufacturer 2: Dolphin Boats

Dolphin Boats is known for crafting durable, high-quality skiff boats. The Dolphin 17′ Super Skiff Pro is considered one of their best overall choices for skiff boating enthusiasts. The brand focuses on providing boats that perform great in both shallow water and rough offshore conditions, making them ideal for versatile fishing adventures.

Notable Models:

  • Dolphin 17′ Super Skiff Pro
  • Dolphin 16′ Backcountry Pro
  • Dolphin 18′ Flatsmaster

Manufacturer 3: Floyd Boats

Floyd Boats offers premium skiff options for those seeking high-quality design and performance. The Floyd 10 Weight Skiff is a perfect example of the craftsmanship and care that goes into creating their boats. With features designed for a smooth ride and excellent handling, Floyd Boats’ skiffs can be utilized for various fishing purposes, from inshore flats to coastal waters.

Notable Models:

  • Floyd 10 Weight Skiff
  • Floyd 11 Cedar Skiff
  • Floyd 12 Classic Skiff

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Skiff Boat Manufacturer

When selecting a skiff boat manufacturer, various factors should be taken into consideration to ensure you’re making the best choice for your needs.


A manufacturer’s reputation in the industry can be a solid indicator of the quality and reliability of their boats. Look for well-established companies that have consistently received positive reviews from customers and industry professionals. This can be found through online reviews, blogs, and forums. Also, consider asking for recommendations from friends or family members who have experience with skiff boats.


The quality of a skiff boat plays a significant role in its performance, durability, and overall satisfaction of ownership. Examine the boat’s construction materials, innovation in design, and overall craftsmanship. Some factors to consider include:

  • Hull and deck materials: Are they made of high-quality fiberglass or aluminum?
  • Hardware: Is marine-grade stainless steel used to avoid rust and corrosion?
  • Finishing: Check the consistency of the paintwork and gel coat for a professional finish.


A manufacturer’s warranty is an essential factor to consider as it reflects the company’s confidence in its products. A good warranty should cover repairs, parts replacement, or even boat replacement in case of manufacturing defects. When comparing warranties, consider the following:

  • Length: Longer warranties usually indicate a higher level of confidence in the product’s quality.
  • Coverage: Does the warranty cover essential components like the hull, engine, and electrical systems? Are there any exclusions?
  • Transferability: Can the warranty be transferred to a new owner if you decide to sell the boat?

Customer Service

Manufacturers’ customer service can significantly impact your overall boating experience. Good customer service ensures you receive prompt assistance with any issues or concerns that may arise. Some factors to consider include:

  • Responsiveness: Are the manufacturer’s representatives easily reachable and quick to respond to inquiries?
  • Knowledge: Do the customer service personnel have adequate knowledge to address your issues correctly?
  • Dealer Network: A good manufacturer should have a broad dealer network, making it convenient for you to get support, parts, and service, regardless of your location.

Keep these critical factors in mind when choosing a skiff boat manufacturer, and you’ll have a greater chance of finding the perfect boat for your needs.

Materials and Technologies Used by Skiff Boat Manufacturers


Fiberglass is a popular material used by skiff boat manufacturers due to its lightweight and durable properties. Many manufacturers, such as Carolina Skiff and Beavertail Skiffs, use fiberglass to construct their boat hulls. The fiberglass material provides a smooth and easy-to-maintain surface, which makes it ideal for fishing in shallow waters. Some advantages of fiberglass include:

  • Lightweight, making it easier to maneuver and transport
  • Resistant to corrosion from saltwater environments
  • Ability to mold into various shapes, providing a wide range of boat designs


Another common material used in the construction of skiff boats is aluminum. Aluminum skiff boats, like the ones manufactured by Hog Island, offer a durable and lightweight option for anglers. The aluminum construction provides resistance to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Key benefits of aluminum skiffs include:

  • Strength and durability, allowing for long-lasting use
  • Lighter weight compared to other materials, which enhances fuel efficiency
  • Lower maintenance requirements than wood or fiberglass boats

Innovative Technologies

Skiff Boat manufacturers are constantly looking for innovative technologies to improve their products’ performance and efficiency. New materials and designs help reduce weight, increase stability, and enhance overall boat performance. Chittum Skiffs, for example, utilizes a combination of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and advanced composite materials in its construction process. This results in lightweight skiffs that offer improved performance, maneuverability, and poling capabilities. Some innovative technologies in skiff boat manufacturing include:

  • Advanced composite materials for a lightweight yet strong construction
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) to optimize hull shapes for better performance
  • Incorporation of modern boat accessories (electronics, wiring, etc.) for increased functionality and convenience

Types of Skiff Boats Offered by Manufacturers

Skiff boats are versatile, shallow water boats designed for various activities like fishing, cruising, and family fun. Manufacturers of skiffs offer different types, styles, and customizations to cater to the diverse needs of boating enthusiasts.

Flat Bottom Skiffs

Flat bottom skiffs are a popular choice for navigating shallow waters, as their flat hull design allows them to draft less water. These boats are especially suitable for:

  • Fishing in skinny water or backwaters
  • Exploring remote and hard-to-reach areas
  • Navigating through shallows and grass flats

Some notable flat bottom skiff manufacturers include Carolina Skiff and Sundance.

Inshore-Offshore Skiffs

Inshore-offshore skiffs provide a balance between the shallow water capabilities of skiffs and the seaworthiness necessary to venture into deeper waters. These boats are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, making them ideal for:

Some well-known inshore-offshore skiff manufacturers are Mako and Maverick.

Custom Skiffs

Custom skiffs offer boating enthusiasts the opportunity to tailor their boat to their specific needs and preferences. This customization can include:

  • Hull design for specific performance traits
  • Fishing amenities such as rod holders, live wells, and fish boxes
  • Seating, storage options, and additional technical features

Action Craft is a manufacturer known for their customizable skiffs, particularly the 1820 Flatsmaster, which can be tailored for families or serious sportfishing.

In summary, skiff boat manufacturers cater to a wide range of boating needs with flat bottom skiffs, inshore-offshore skiffs, and custom skiffs. Each type offers unique features and capabilities designed for specific uses and environments.

Economic Impact of Skiff Boat Manufacturers

The skiff boat manufacturing industry significantly contributes to the overall boating industry’s economic impact. The boating and marine industry saw an estimated total of $42 billion in sales of boats, marine products, and services in 2019. Retail unit sales of new powerboats in 2020 increased by 12 percent compared to 2019, surpassing pre-pandemic expectations of a two percent increase. The annual U.S. sales of boats, marine products, and services were estimated to total $47 billion in 2020, up 9% from 2019.

Skiff boat manufacturers have played a crucial role in the continued growth of the boating and marine industry, benefiting from the increase in sales and demand. Skiffs are versatile, shallow-hulled boats known for their maneuverability and low draft, making them popular for recreational fishing, small-scale commercial activities, and day cruising.

As demand increased, skiff boat manufacturing contributed to local and regional economies by creating new jobs, providing support to supply chain businesses, and boosting tax revenues. The increase in boating activities also played a role in bolstering tourism as well as waterfront development and construction projects.

Boatbuilders, including skiff boat manufacturers, have faced challenges such as supply chain disruptions and a surge in demand. However, the industry is expected to adapt and continue its growth trajectory in the coming years. Projections for 2022 indicate that new boat sales may surpass 2021 totals by as much as three percent.

To summarize, skiff boat manufacturers have a substantial economic impact on the boating and marine industry. Their role in creating jobs, bolstering local economies, and supporting related industries underlines the importance of their continued growth and adaptation in a dynamic market.

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations

As the marine industry grows and evolves, sustainability and environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important for skiff boat manufacturers. Many companies are now focusing on reducing the environmental impact of their products and operations while also promoting sustainable boating practices.

One example of a company taking sustainability seriously is MasterCraft Boat Holdings. They have issued their inaugural Sustainability Report, which highlights the importance of social and environmental responsibility in their operations. Notably, MasterCraft is the only boat manufacturer to achieve all three prestigious International Organization for Standardization (ISO) global certifications for quality (9001:2015), environmental (14001:2015), and safety management processes (OHSAS 18001:2007) across production and product development systems.

In terms of sustainable boat assembly processes, companies like Bostik are formulating innovative marine adhesive and sealant solutions designed to improve processes and reduce overall environmental impact. By utilizing these products, skiff boat manufacturers can decrease their carbon footprint and contribute positively to the environment.

Some key elements of sustainable boat manufacturing include:

  • Lightweight materials: Boat manufacturers are increasingly opting for lightweight, environmentally friendly materials to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Efficient propulsion systems: The integration of electric outboard motors, hybrid diesel and electric inboard drive systems, and high energy-density lithium-ion batteries is helping to deliver cleaner, more energy-efficient propulsion solutions.
  • Waste reduction: Through recycling programs and responsible waste management, many companies are actively taking steps to reduce the amount of waste they generate during the manufacturing process.

In addition to these manufacturing processes, boat builders like Brunswick are focusing on broader sustainability programs, which involve responsible energy consumption, environmental care, product stewardship and quality, and enhancing the quality of life for all stakeholders.

By incorporating sustainable practices and environmentally-friendly technologies, skiff boat manufacturers are contributing to the preservation of our planet’s precious resources while continuing to deliver high-quality, reliable products to their customers.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the skiff boat manufacturing industry hosts a range of reputable brands with proven track records in delivering high-quality vessels. Some of the noteworthy manufacturers include Dolphin Boats, Beavertail Skiffs, and Hewes Boats.

  • Dolphin Boats: Known for their flagship model, the Dolphin 17′ Super Skiff Pro, they set a high standard for skiff performance and quality.
  • Beavertail Skiffs: Based in Bradenton, Florida, Beavertail is acclaimed for their innovative designs, engineering excellence, and a comprehensive selection of trim levels.
  • Hewes Boats: As the pioneers of the flats skiff genre, Hewes Boats played a key role in developing the poling skiff by adding a platform on the stern of their boats.

When selecting a skiff boat, it’s crucial to consider factors such as size, performance, adaptability, and overall customer satisfaction. By researching and consulting with experts, you can better determine the ideal boat for your unique needs and preferences.

Keep in mind the quality and reputation of a skiff boat manufacturer play a vital role when investing in such vessels. Sticking with established and well-known manufacturers, as mentioned above, will provide you with the assurance you need in terms of value and durability.

In conclusion, the world of skiff boat manufacturing is filled with a plethora of choices. Ensuring you make an informed decision is key to finding the perfect skiff boat for your fishing and boating adventures.

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