Parts of a Boat Explained

parts of a boat from side view
Parts of a Boat From Side View

Boat enthusiasts and first-time boat buyers, this post is for you!

We’re going to break down the anatomy of a boat so that you have a better understanding of where different areas are on the vessel. This list will help you when it comes time to buy your boat or speak with a professional about maintaining your boat.

Learning about the parts of a boat is the first step on your journey to becoming an expert in all things boating!

Refer to the list to learn all the different boat parts!

Parts of a Boat Defined

  • Aft – The back/stern of the boat
  • Beam – The beam of a boat is its width at its widest point
  • Bridge – The bridge is an elevated area on the boat where the captain steers the vessel. It’s also a great place to get a good view of everything around you.
  • Bow – The bow is the front or forward part of the vessel
  • Bilge – The bilge is the lowest internal part of a boat’s hull
  • Bulkhead – A bulkhead is a wall that divides compartments on a boat
  • Cabin – A cabin is an interior part of a boat that can be enclosed and is often used as a place to sleep while onboard a vessel
  • Casting Deck/ Swim Platform – A casting deck or swim platform is the area at the bow or stern of the boat designated for casting while fishing or for entering and exiting the water while swimming.
  • Cleat – A cleat is a fitting located on the gunwale of a boat or dock used to secure a rope for anchors, docking, fenders, etc.
  • Deadrise – The deadrise of a boat is the angle between the hull and the keel
  • Deck – The deck is the flat walking surface of a boat
  • Forward – The front part of a boat
  • Freeboard – Freeboard is the distance from the waterline to the deck of a vessel.
  • Hatch – A hatch is an opening in the deck that provides access to parts of a boat below deck like storage compartments
  • Head – The head is a room on a vessel that contains a toilet and sink
  • Helm – The helm is the area of a boat where the captain or primary operator stands while driving or piloting the vessel
  • Hull – The boat hull is the main body of the vessel that keeps it afloat
  • Keel – The keel is a structural element located at the bottom centerline of a boat that helps with stabilization and tracking.
  • Livewell – A Livewell is a tank on a fishing boat that is used to store live bait
  • Port Side – Port side is the left side of a boat when looking towards the bow.
  • Propeller – The propeller is a device located at the stern of a vessel that provides thrust to move the boat through the water
  • Pulpit – The pulpit is a railing located at the bow of a vessel
  • Running Lights – Running lights are navigation lights located at a vessel’s bow that indicate which way the vessel is moving.
  • Starboard Side – Starboard side is the right side of a boat when you are looking towards the bow.
  • Stern – The stern is the back or aft part of a vessel.
  • Superstructure -The superstructure is the area above the deck that contains the cabin, bridge, hatches, etc. (more commonly used with larger ships compared to a personal watercraft)
  • Throttle – The throttle is a lever located at the helm that controls the speed of the vessel
  • Rub Rail – A rub rail is a protective trim piece located along a vessel’s gunwale that helps protect the hull from impact.
  • Transom – The transom is the flat area located at the stern of the vessel where the outboard motor is mounted
  • Waterline – The waterline is the line where the hull of a vessel meets the water’s surface
  • Windshield – The windshield is a glass or Lexan panel located at the bow of a boat that helps to deflect wind and spray while underway
  • Underside – The underside is the bottom of the hull that is below the waterline

Wrapping Up

There you have it! A complete list of the different parts that make up the anatomy of a boat. Of course, many more details and pieces make up a vessel, but these are the main components you should be familiar with. Now that you know your way around a bit, and become familiar with safe boating practices, then it’s time to get out there and enjoy boating!

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