Best Trout Lures—My 12 Favorite For Saltwater and Freshwater

Hey there! Welcome to my review of the best trout lures!

I have been trout fishing in both fresh and saltwater for over 10 years and will share my thoughts on the best trout lures for all different trout species.

When selecting the best trout lures, you’ll want to consider factors like size, color, and the action of the lure in the water. Different trout species and sizes may have preferences for specific colors, sizes, or movements, so having a variety in your arsenal will ensure you’re well-equipped for any situation.

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Best Trout Lures – Comparison Table

04/02/2024 05:16 am GMT

Best Trout Lures Reviewed

I’ve compiled a list of the best trout lures available on Amazon to help you catch more trout during your fishing adventures.

RoxStar Fly Strikers

These RoxStar Fly Strikers are definitely worth a try for anglers seeking versatile and effective fly fishing spinners.


  • Highly effective in various conditions
  • Handmade with premium materials
  • Suitable for multiple fish species


  • Limited color variety
  • May snag occasionally
  • Potential for line twists

I recently used the RoxStar Fly Strikers during a fishing trip, and I was impressed by their performance in different fishing conditions. The instant spin and vibration of the spinner even in slow or still waters contributed to their effectiveness in attracting trout, bass, and pike.

These fishing spinners are proudly handmade in the USA, featuring a hand-tied premium fly pattern on the sharpest tungsten steel hooks. The tandem tungsten stinger as a trailing hook provides better hook sets and reduces snags, making them a reliable choice. Additionally, the spinners have a solid double brass body, brass bead, and a #3 brass spinner blade, ensuring durability and excellent action in the water.

While the RoxStar Fly Strikers are effective, they come in limited color options, which might not cater to every angler’s preference. Although the set includes green, yellow, and “royal” colors, I would have appreciated a wider variety of choices. Also, I experienced a few line twists and occasional snags, but these were minor issues that did not significantly affect my overall fishing experience.

In conclusion, the RoxStar Fly Strikers are versatile, effective, and well-crafted fishing spinners that I would highly recommend to other anglers. Despite a few minor drawbacks, their performance and quality more than makeup for any limitations they may have. Give them a try and see the results for yourself!

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures

These TRUSCEND Fishing Lures will up your angling game with their lifelike appearance, perfect for reeling in bass, trout, and more.


  • 8-segment lifelike design
  • High-quality, realistic appearance
  • Built-in rattle for bass vibrations


  • Sinks slowly, requiring patience
  • Size may be too big for smaller fish
  • Hooks may snag weeds in water

This TRUSCEND Fishing Lure is designed with an 8-segment lifelike construction that allows it to move flexibly in the water, resembling a real fish. I found its realistic-looking eyes and pearl powder coating make it an attractive bait that efficiently lures in target fishes.

Its high-quality ABS material and built-in rattle make this lure not just visually enticing but audibly as well. I was impressed by how the continuous fish sound wave emitted during swimming drew in more catches and provoked predator fish to strike. However, it’s essential to be patient since the lure sinks rather slowly.

This multi-jointed swimbait is suitable for fishing streams both saltwater and freshwater, making it versatile for various fishing situations. I managed to catch bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, and trout using this lure, proving its effectiveness with different fish species. The only downside I experienced was that the hooks sometimes snagged weeds in the water, and the size of the lure might be too big for smaller fish.

In conclusion, the TRUSCEND Fishing Lures are a great addition to your fishing gear if you’re targeting larger fish species like bass and trout. Its lifelike design, high-quality build, and versatility make it well worth considering for fishing enthusiasts.

TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lures

These TRUSCEND lures are perfect for catching a variety of fish, and their lifelike design makes them an excellent addition to any angler’s tackle box.


  • 3.5 inch size, suitable for various fishing environments
  • Lifelike paddle tail action attracting multiple fish species
  • Quality construction with ultra-sharp hooks


  • Slightly pricier than other soft baits
  • May not perform as well with certain fish species
  • Limited color variety

I recently tried out the TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lures and was impressed with their performance. The 3.5-inch size was just right for the smaller streams, rivers and lakes I fish in, and I found that it worked well for targeting bass, trout, and other species.

The lifelike action of the paddle tail is something that genuinely sets these lures apart from others. As soon as it hits the water, it starts generating turbulence and convincing movement that draws fish in. The realistic pattern, holographic eyes, and ultra-sharp hooks add to the lure’s effectiveness and help with hook-ups once I get bites.

One downside I noticed is that these lures are a bit more expensive than some other soft baits on the market. However, considering the quality and performance, I think the slightly higher price is justified. Additionally, I would have liked to have more color options to choose from, but the one I used did seem to get the fish’s attention.

All in all, I would recommend the TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lures to fellow anglers looking for an effective, high-quality lure. These are great for targeting multiple fish species and have a lifelike action that is hard to resist. Just be prepared to spend a little more than you might on other soft baits, and don’t expect a wide color selection.

Kingforest 10-20pcs Fishing Lures

I highly recommend these Kingforest fishing lures for their effectiveness in attracting various fish and the convenient tackle box included.


  • Wide range of applications for freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • 10 pcs with bright colors and sharp treble hooks
  • Easy-to-use and comes with a handy storage box


  • Some lures might be lost during fishing
  • Quality might be perceived as lesser when giving as a gift
  • Potential for hooks to scratch other items

The Kingforest Fishing Lures Spinnerbait set is perfect for those looking to catch fish like bass, trout, salmon, and walleye. I recently used these lures and found them highly effective in attracting fish. The unique spinners create flashes and vibrations, imitating the action of small fish in the water. This makes them irresistible to larger fish.

Another aspect I appreciate about this set is the ease of use and convenient storage. The 10-piece set comes with a storage box, making it easy to keep everything organized and protected. The box not only keeps the lures from getting lost, but it also avoids hooks from scratching other items in my tackle box. This incredible set is a perfect gift for my fishing buddies or as a treat for myself.

One thing I noticed while using the Kingforest lures was the possibility of losing some of them during fishing. Although it doesn’t happen frequently, it’s essential to be prepared to replace them if needed. When giving this set as a gift, some might perceive the quality as lesser due to the affordable price. However, I can assure you that these lures deliver impressive results and hold up well during the fishing process.

In conclusion, the Kingforest Fishing Lures Spinnerbait set is a fantastic addition to my fishing gear. I am impressed by the wide variety of fish these lures attract and how easy it is to use and store them. Despite some minor cons, the overall value and effectiveness of this set make it a worthwhile purchase for any angler looking to up their game.

Trout Magnet 82-Piece Neon Fishing Kit

The Trout Magnet 82-piece Neon Fishing Kit is a must-have for any avid angler looking to catch a variety of fish with ease.


  • Effective for a range of species, including trout, panfish, bass, and crappie
  • Comes with a comprehensive kit, including 70 neon color Grub Bodies and 12 size 8 hooks
  • The unique design allows the lure to fall horizontally in the water


  • Grub bodies may tear easily
  • Hooks may not be as sharp as expected
  • Included storage box may not close properly

I recently went fishing using the Trout Magnet Neon Fishing Kit, and I was really impressed with the variety of fish I managed to attract trout catch. The neon grub bodies were very appealing to the fish and helped me attract and catch trout, bass, and even a few crappies. It became clear that these lures are suitable for catching various species and are an essential addition to my tackle box.

One of the standout features of this kit was the horizontal fall of the hook and body in the water. Unlike other jigs that fall headfirst, the Trout Magnet’s design truly set it apart and seemed to entice more fish to bite. This unique design made my fishing experience more fun and successful.

However, I did notice a few drawbacks with the Trout Magnet Kit. Firstly, the grub bodies tended to tear quite easily while unhooking the bait fish itself. Also, the hooks didn’t feel as sharp as they could be, which led to a couple of missed catches. Finally, the storage box that came with the kit didn’t close properly, so I had to transfer the contents to another container.

Overall, the Trout Magnet Neon Fishing Kit was effective in catching a range of fish and is an excellent addition to any angler’s gear. Despite a few minor issues, I definitely recommend giving this kit a try.

TB Tbuymax 10pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait

I highly recommend these TB Tbuymax Fishing Lure Spinnerbaits for their effectiveness and quality, making them great for both beginners and experienced anglers.


  • Large and heavy lures designed for catching big fish
  • Sharp treble hooks with brightly colored strike-attractor sleeves
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing


  • Some users reported inconsistent blade spin for certain designs
  • The durability of lures could be improved
  • Not the highest-quality build

As an avid fisherman, I recently tried the TB Tbuymax 10pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait and found them to be excellent for attracting a variety of fish. The large and heavy design of these lures was perfect for targeting big fish, and the sharp treble hooks proved effective in securing my catch. Furthermore, I appreciated that these lures were suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, making them versatile additions to my tackle box.

However, I did encounter a few minor issues. Some of the lures I used had inconsistent blade spins, which occasionally affected their effectiveness. Additionally, the durability of these lures left something to be desired, as I went through most of the kit after just a few days of use. Lastly, while these lures performed well overall, the build quality could be improved.

In conclusion, the TB Tbuymax 10pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait offers a solid option for anglers looking to catch big fish in either freshwater or saltwater environments. Despite some minor concerns regarding durability and build quality, I believe these lures offer good value for their price, and I would recommend them to others seeking effective and versatile fishing lures.

Rapala Countdown 7/16 Oz Fishing Lure

I highly recommend the Rapala Countdown Fishing Lure for its exceptional performance and versatility in targeting various depths.


  • Effective at various depths
  • Sturdy balsa construction
  • Lifelike swimming action


  • The price may be slightly high
  • Not the original balsa-style lures
  • Hooks may require occasional replacement

The Rapala Countdown 7/16 Oz Fishing Lure has impressed me with its ability to consistently target suspended fish at any depth. Thanks to its controlled depth sinking rate, I’ve found it’s easy to reach fish suspending at different depths, at the tops of weeds or near the bottom structure. The 3.5-inch size and brown trout color make it an attractive lure for trout, and I’ve had great success casting and trolling with it.

Not only is this lure made from durable balsa wood, but it also has VMC black nickel hooks that securely catch fish. The hand-tuning and tank-testing process ensures that this lure swims with an enticing slow-rolling Rapala action right out of the box. The custom swimming action is one of the reasons I’ve experienced multiple catches during my fishing trips.

However, I noticed that the pricing is slightly higher compared to some other lures on the market. Additionally, some anglers might prefer the original balsa-style Rapala lures over this model. Lastly, although the hooks are sturdy, they may require replacement after extensive use.

Overall, the Rapala Countdown 7/16 Oz Fishing Lure has been a reliable and versatile addition to my tackle box. Its ability to consistently target various depths, coupled with its strong build and lifelike swimming action, makes it an excellent choice for trout fishing enthusiasts like myself.

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure 1/6-Ounce Brown Trout

In my experience, this lure is a reliable choice for trout fishing due to its unique spinning action and pulsating tail.


  • Unique spinning action that attracts fish
  • Pulsating hackle tail
  • Quality brass, silver, or copper blades


  • Prone to getting caught on underwater structures
  • Blade may occasionally get stuck on the retrieve
  • Sizing can be confusing

After using the Yakima Rooster Tail Spinner Lure several times, its unique pulsating action truly sets it apart from other trout lures. The combination of spinning action, in-line weighted body design, and hackle tail leave a lasting impression on anyone who fishes with this lure.

Another great feature I’ve found is the genuine brass, silver, or copper blades. These materials help create a bright flash in the water, increasing the lure’s visibility and the likelihood of attracting fish. In addition to trout, this lure has proven effective for targeting panfish, bass, and various other species in Florida.

However, I’ve also noticed a few drawbacks. The lure tends to get caught on underwater structures, which can be frustrating at times. Additionally, the blade may occasionally get stuck during retrieval but can be easily fixed with a quick shake. Lastly, be mindful of the sizing options when purchasing, as it can be a bit confusing.

In conclusion, despite some minor issues, the Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure undoubtedly stands out as an effective choice for trout fishing enthusiasts. Its unique features and fish-attracting abilities make it a noteworthy addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Trout Magnet Trout Slayer Kit

An angler’s convenient solution for varied fishing scenarios, the Trout Magnet Trout Slayer Kit is a must-have for creating a memorable experience.


  • Catches a wide variety of species
  • Unique action and size delivering effective results
  • The set includes the best colors and top-quality long shank hooks


  • Limited jig head quantity
  • Low-quality packaging – box may warp
  • Specifically designed for small streams and lakes

As an avid angler, I was eager to try out the Trout Magnet Trout Slayer Kit after hearing about its great reputation. I recently had the opportunity to use this kit and, boy, was I impressed! The small artificial bait crawdad cleverly mimics the size of a very small crawfish, making it irresistible for fish. The unique shad dart head produces a slow fall and enticing action, quite effective in small streams and lakes during late spring.

Not only did I catch plenty of trout with this lure, but I also landed other species like bluegill and largemouth bass. The kit includes five new colors (white, watermelon red, natural, rainbow trout black neon, and huckleberry) that fish couldn’t seem to resist. Plus, the long shank hooks are an added bonus, ensuring a secure catch for those harder-to-reach fish.

The only drawbacks I noticed were the limited number of jig heads, which might require restocking, and the subpar box quality, which may warp after exposure to the sun. Still, these shortcomings didn’t diminish the effectiveness of the kit, considering the results I saw on the water.

In conclusion, the Trout Magnet Trout Slayer Kit is a fantastic addition to any angler’s arsenal. The versatile lure action and selection of colors ensure you are ready to catch fish in a variety of situations, especially in small streams and lakes. Despite the minor packaging flaws, I highly recommend this kit for both seasoned and beginner fishermen alike. Happy fishing!

Wicked Lures Wicked Trout Killer Pink Chartreuse

I highly recommend the Wicked Lures Wicked Trout Killer for avid trout anglers, who desire an effective trolling lure for freshwater lakes.


  • Highly effective for Trout, Pinfish, Crappie, Bass, and Kokanee
  • Features a #3 Chartreuse Brass Blade
  • Equipped with a durable #4 Red Octopus Hook


  • A bit pricey for a single lure
  • Limited color options
  • May require some adjustments for optimal performance

Upon using the Wicked Lures Wicked Trout Killer, I immediately noticed its innovative design catered specifically for trolling in freshwater lakes. The chartreuse brass blade and red octopus hook combination gave this lure an edge over my other go-to lures.

Not only did the Wicked Trout Killer prove effective for catching trout, but I also had success with Pinfish, Crappie, Bass, and Kokanee. The 10 lb. Moss Green Isocline and 6 ft. leader provided a balanced and efficient trolling setup, attracting fish with ease and giving me the confidence to reel them in.

While I absolutely love the Wicked Trout Killer’s performance, the price is slightly steep for just one lure. Additionally, I would have preferred more available color options to diversify my tackle box. Lastly, a few minor adjustments were needed to optimize its performance, but that’s common for most lures in various fishing conditions.

In conclusion, despite some drawbacks, the Wicked Lures Wicked Trout Killer Pink Chartreuse is a worthy addition to any angler’s arsenal. Its effectiveness in attracting various species and durable construction make it a reliable and valuable investment for many anglers and those passionate about freshwater trolling.

Acme Kastmaster Fishing Lure

The Acme Kastmaster Fishing Lure is a must-have for any angler, thanks to its versatility, durability, and effective design.


  • Field-tested by experts
  • Long-lasting and high-quality construction
  • Suitable for various fish species


  • May not be as appealing in copper color
  • Requires proper casting technique
  • Needs appropriate rod setup to avoid line twist

I recently tried out the Acme Kastmaster Fishing Lure, and I’m impressed with its performance. The lure is field-tested by expert anglers, so I knew it was suitable for a productive fishing experience. The lure worked wonderfully in different environments, including rivers, creeks, and ponds, especially while fishing for trout.

What makes the Kastmaster versatile is its design, made of solid brass. This creates a durable and sturdy lure that won’t break, bend or corrode – even after repeated exposure to saltwater. Not only can it withstand wear and tear, but it maintains its luster too.

However, I found the copper color version less attractive than the gold one, which might affect some fish species’ interest. Additionally, to get the best out of the Kastmaster, it’s crucial to master your casting technique. It may take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to cast it great distances.

A word of caution: the lure’s aerodynamics might cause line twists with an improper rod light line setup. But, by adopting the correct measures, you can significantly reduce such occurrences.

Overall, the Acme Kastmaster Fishing Lure lives up to its reputation, and I highly recommend adding it to your tackle box if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient lure to catch an impressive array of fish species.

Trout Magnet 2.5″ Trout Crank

I recommend the Trout Magnet 2.5″ Trout Crank as a versatile and effective fishing lure for freshwater enthusiasts.


  • Effective for multiple species
  • Unique stop-and-go action
  • The rattling sound adds attraction


  • Might not dive as deep as advertised
  • The picture may be misleading
  • Potential snagging issues

I recently had the chance to use the Trout Magnet 2.5″ Trout Crank and was impressed by its versatility. While it’s specifically designed for trout fishing, I found it to be effective for other species too, like largemouth bass and crappie. The lure’s long, slender design creates a unique stop-and-go action that seems to entice fish activity.

The incorporated rattles add to the effectiveness of the Trout Magnet Crank, making it even more attractive to fish. With an evenly weighted design, it maintains a controlled depth while in the water, making it a great addition to any angler’s tackle box.

However, there were a few minor issues I encountered while using this lure. Despite its claim to run 2-4 feet deep, I couldn’t consistently get it to reach the desired depths. Additionally, the item’s picture may give a misleading impression of its size, as it’s longer and thinner in person. Lastly, some snagging issues can occur – I lost a lure while dealing with a wind knot, and the lure caught on a snag underwater.

Overall, despite these minor setbacks, I still believe the Trout Magnet 2.5″ Trout Crank is a great investment for freshwater fishing enthusiasts. Its versatile design and unique features make it an attractive bait for a variety of fish species.

Consideration For Trout Fishing Lures

best trout lures

Consider Lure Type

When choosing the best trout lure, I consider the type of lure that’s most effective for the fishing conditions. There are several types of lures that can be used for trout fishing:

  • Spoons
  • Spinners
  • Jigs
  • Crankbaits
  • Soft plastics

I evaluate the specific fishing scenario, including the water temperature, depth, and clarity, as well as the trout species I’m targeting to determine which lure type to use.

Lure Size and Color Selection

I pay special attention to the size and color of the lures I choose for trout fishing. Trout can be particular when it comes to the size and color of their prey:

SizeWater ClarityTrout Species
SmallClearBrown, Rainbow
MediumStainedCutthroat, Brook
LargeMurkyLake, Bull

In clear water, I opt for smaller lures with more natural colors, while in stained or murky water, I choose larger lures with brighter colors to attract the trout’s attention.

Durability and Quality

To ensure I get the most value from my lures, I look for ones made from high-quality materials that are resistant to damage from repeated use and exposure to water. I also pay attention to the quality of the hooks, making sure they are sharp and durable, as they are essential for securing the fish once they strike the lure.


I prefer lures that can work well in various fishing conditions and that can target different trout species. This helps me to streamline my tackle box and reduces the need to carry a large assortment of lures. I look for lures that can be used at different depths, retrieve speeds, and for various fishing techniques.

By considering these factors, I can confidently select the best trout lures for my needs, increasing my chances of success on the water.

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