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I have been making annual trips to Lake Saint Clair in Michigan for the last 7 years to fish for Musky. During this time, I have collected the most effective lures for catching Musky. I have put together a list of the best Musky lures based on my experience.

These Musky lures have proven to catch more fish than the competition.

You don’t have to read through Amazon reviews or go to a local tackle shop to get out and start catching Musky. Choose one of these Musky lures, and you’ll get a high-quality lure guaranteed to help you catch more fish.

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Best Musky Lures – Comparison Table

Best Musky Lures Reviewed

I have compiled a list of the best musky lures available on the market. Check out these top-performing options to up your angling game and increase your chances of landing that elusive trophy fish.

Mepp’s Musky Marabou

Our Pick
Mepps Musky Marabou - Hot firetiger
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I find the Mepp’s Musky Marabou an effective lure for catching muskies, though some parts wear out over time.


  • Vibrant and attractive colors
  • Ideal size for targeting muskies
  • Good material quality


  • Marabou tends to fall off after extended use
  • Requires regular replacement
  • Limited versatility for other fish species

In my recent fishing trips, I’ve used the Mepp’s Musky Marabou and found it to be quite effective in attracting muskies. The combination of bright colors like hot firetiger, black, and chartreuse makes the lure stand out underwater and pique the curiosity of these elusive predators.

The size of this lure is also a plus. It’s not too big or too small, making it perfect for enticing muskies to bite. Moreover, I appreciate the material quality of the lure, as it’s made of a durable blend that can withstand the aggressive nature of muskies.

However, there’s one issue I encountered during my time using this lure: the marabou started to fall off after some time. Though it didn’t affect the lure’s effectiveness right away, I found myself needing to replace it after a year or so of use. This can become quite costly over time if you intend to use this lure regularly.

Despite this, the Mepp’s Musky Marabou remains a solid option if you’re looking to target muskies specifically. While it may not be an ideal choice for other fish species, its vibrant colors, ideal size, and material quality outweigh the downside of needing to replace it occasionally. I would recommend this lure to those who are serious about their musky fishing and willing to invest in a high-quality product for the best results.

Mizugiwa 8″ Pike Musky Dawg Lure

Our Pick
Mizugiwa Pike Fishing Soft Bait Lure – Pack of 4
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After using this lure, I find it to be a great addition for any angler targeting pike and musky with its enticing action and color options.


  • Realistic and attractive soft bait design
  • Four different color choices available
  • Unique action that entices pike and musky


  • Hooks may not be as durable as expected
  • Glued-on eyes might not last long
  • Soft plastic material might wear out quickly

I tried out the Mizugiwa 8″ Pike Musky Dawg Lure on my recent fishing trip, and I was impressed with the realistic design and the action it produces in the water. The soft bait lure comes in four different colors, allowing me to switch things up and see which color gets more bites in the murky water. I found the bait’s action quite interesting – it swims at a 45-degree angle on the drop and horizontally on the retrieve. This unique movement seemed to work exceptionally well in attracting both pike and musky.

Having said that, I noticed that the hooks on the lure are not as durable as I expected. They seem to flex easily, which could potentially lead to lost fish. Additionally, the eyes on the bait are glued on and might not last long with extensive use. Another aspect to consider is the soft plastic material of the lure, although it adds to the lure’s realism, I believe the plastic might wear quickly after a few catches.

Despite a few cons, I still think that the Mizugiwa Pike Musky Dawg Lure is worth trying, especially for its affordable price. The realistic action and variety of colors make it an appealing choice for any angler targeting pike and musky. Just be prepared to replace the hooks and possibly the lure itself after several trips.

Guideline GTN Musky Slayer Tandem or Single, with Spinner Blade

Guideline Musky Slayer Tandem or Single, with Spinner Blade
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I recommend the Guideline GTN Musky Slayer for its effectiveness on various fish species, durable design, and great color selection.


  • Versatile for musky, pike, and bass fishing
  • High-quality hooks ensure a strong hold
  • Comes in two sizes, single and tandem


  • Skirt may detach after some use
  • Size might be smaller than expected
  • Limited to four color options

As an angler who enjoys fishing for numerous species, I appreciate the Guideline GTN Musky Slayer Tandem/single lure for its versatility in enticing musky, pike, and bass. The time-tested design features high-quality hooks that grip tightly to the fish, preventing them from escaping once caught. This lure comes in two sizes, catering to different fishing preferences – single style or the larger tandem option.

One of the advantages of this Musky Slayer is its color variety. While it is limited to only four colors, the options provided are essential for attracting fish. I found the Fire Tiger color particularly eye-catching, helping me to catch more fish during my fishing expeditions.

However, I noticed that the skirt can occasionally come off after some use. To avoid this, make sure to double-check the skirt attachment and reinforce it if necessary. Additionally, the size of the lure may be smaller than expected for some anglers – ensure to check the specifications before purchasing.

In conclusion, the Guideline GTN Musky Slayer Tandem or Single lure is a highly effective option for those targeting multiple fish species. With high-quality hooks, great color selection, and size variety, it quickly becomes a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box. However, be prepared to address the potential issues with skirt detachment or size if they arise.

JungleWalker Bass Animated Fishing Lures

JungleWalker Bass Animated Fishing Lures
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I recommend these lures for their lifelike appearance and versatile usage, suitable for various predator fish.


  • Lifelike multi-segment body
  • High-quality ABS material for durability
  • Built-in rattle vibration for fish attraction


  • May not be suitable for beginners
  • Limited color options
  • Requires cautious handling to avoid tangling

The JungleWalker Bass Animated Fishing Lures have an impressive multi-jointed body that creates an S-shaped swimming motion, mimicking real fish movement. I noticed this attracted predator fishes like bass, pike, musky, and trout effectively. Made with high-quality ABS material, these lures proved to be tough and durable for my fishing adventures.

Another feature I appreciated was the built-in rattle vibration, which caused continuous bass sound waves to attract fish even more effectively. These lures can be used in topwater freshwater and middle layers, making them versatile for various fishing conditions.

However, I found that these lures might not be suitable for beginners since they require more skill to handle properly. Additionally, there were limited color options available, and I had to be cautious when handling the lures to avoid tangling. Nonetheless, the JungleWalker Bass Animated Fishing Lures left me satisfied with their realistic appearance and versatile usage, making them a valuable addition to my tackle box.

SENYUBBY 10in Multi Jointed Swimbait

Multi Jointed Swimbait Fishing Lures With Treble Hooks
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I highly recommend the SENYUBBY 10in Multi Jointed Swimbait for those looking to catch big musky, due to its lifelike features and large size.


  • Huge size at 10.04″ and 4.76oz for attracting big musky
  • Slow sinking action allows for versatile retrieval techniques
  • Made of durable ABS material with realistic 3D eyes and colors


  • Might not be suitable for smaller fish species
  • Hooks could be sharper for better catch rates
  • Some anglers may need to adjust to its weight

After recently using the SENYUBBY 10in Multi Jointed Swimbait, I was quite impressed by its ability to mimic a real fish. The lifelike action of each multi-jointed segment, combined with the 3D eyes and realistic colors, truly makes it a convincing lure for attracting musky. The slow sinking action allows me to retrieve the lure at various depths and speeds, making it adaptable to different fishing situations.

One thing I noticed when using this lure is its considerable size, which is great for targeting big musky, but may not be as effective for smaller fish species. The hooks on the lure could also be sharper, as I experienced some missed hookups during my fishing sessions. However, these issues didn’t stop me from having a good time fishing with this swimbait.

The ABS material used in the SENYUBBY 10in Swimbait ensures durability, allowing it to withstand the aggressive attacks of muskies. Despite its large size, the lure casts surprisingly well if you have a suitable setup to handle the weight. However, for anglers who haven’t used large lures before, some adjustment might be needed to get comfortable casting this lure.

In conclusion, the SENYUBBY 10in Multi Jointed Swimbait is an excellent choice for anglers seeking to catch large muskies. Its lifelike features and action, combined with its durable construction, make it a valuable addition to any musky fishing tackle box. Just be prepared for the size and adapt to its weight, and you’ll be well on your way to landing some monster fish.

Dr.Fish 3 Pack Musky Spinners

Dr.Fish 3 Pack Musky Spinners, Bucktail Spinnerbait
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I highly recommend Dr.Fish Musky Spinners for anglers targeting big game fish like muskies, northern pikes, and stripers.


  • Premium metal blade with Zinc coating
  • Steady flash and continuous vibration in water
  • Sticky-sharp 3/0 high carbon steel treble hook


  • Can’t change out hooks easily
  • Hook may require stronger rod and line for successful hooksets
  • No pink color option available

During my recent fishing trip, I tested out these Dr.Fish Musky Spinners and was pleasantly surprised by their performance. The metal willow blade with Zinc coating and flash foil created a continuous vibration and steady flash once it entered the water, attracting the attention of big game fish like muskies and pike.

I also appreciated the sticky-sharp 3/0 high carbon steel treble hook that came with the lure. It’s designed to target those larger species of fish, and the colorful bucktails added a flowing action underwater, maximizing its attractiveness.

However, I did find a couple of drawbacks. One was that you can’t easily change out the hooks, but I was aware of this before purchasing, so it wasn’t a deal-breaker. Additionally, I noticed that the hook wasn’t sharp enough for successful hooksets, requiring me to switch to a stronger rod and line.

Overall, the Dr.Fish 3 Pack Musky Spinners are an excellent addition to any angler’s tackle box. Their premium build and enticing action make them a fantastic choice for targeting large game fish. Just be aware of the minor drawbacks concerning the hook, and you’ll be reeling in those big catches in no time.

Buying Guide For Musky Lures

When it comes to choosing the best musky lure for your fishing needs, there are several key factors to consider. In this buying guide, I’ll share my insights on how to select the best product and what features to look at.

Material and Durability

The first thing to look for in a musky lure is the material it’s made from. High-quality materials will ensure the lure is both durable and can withstand the pressures of fishing for large, strong fish like muskies. There should also be strong hooks fitted onto the lure, as these will need to stand up to the aggressive strikes of the fish.

Size and Weight

When selecting a musky lure, consider the size and weight of the lure. Heavier lures will often sink quicker, which may be ideal for fishing in deeper waters. Smaller, lighter lures might be more suitable for shallow water or when casting in tight spaces.

Action and Movement

One of the most important aspects of a musky lure is how it moves in the water. The action should be realistic and mimic the swimming patterns of the baitfish muskies are known to prey on. Additionally, the movement should be erratic, as this can trigger a musky’s predatory instincts and entice them to strike.

Color and Visibility

Muskies are visual predators, so the color and visibility of your lure are crucial. Bright colors or reflective surfaces can be particularly effective in murky water, while more natural, subdued colors are often best for clear conditions. Consider experimenting with different color patterns to see what works best in your specific fishing location.

By considering these features and taking the time to research and compare different musky lures, I can confidently select the best option for my fishing needs.

Common Questions For Musky Fishing

best musky lures

Top Musky Lures for Lakes

In my experience, the best musky lures for lakes include:

  • Large plastic swimbaits, as they imitate natural prey in the open water.
  • Bucktails, which have proven to be effective in various lake conditions.
  • Large crankbaits, diving deep and attracting attention in darker waters.

Best Musky Lures for Rivers

When fishing in rivers, I usually go for:

  • Jerkbaits, as their erratic motions mimic injured baitfish.
  • Spinnerbaits, that create a lot of vibration and flash in the water.
  • Small swimbaits, resembling the smaller prey found in rivers.

Preferred Musky Lure Colors

My preferred musky lure colors depend on the water conditions:

  • In clear water, I opt for natural colors or subtle patterns like silver, gold, or blue.
  • For stained water, I choose brighter colors, such as chartreuse or orange, to stand out.

Effective Fall Musky Lures

In the fall, when water temperature drops, my go-to lures include:

  • Large swimbaits, mimicking the slower, larger prey as they feed.
  • Bulldawg-style soft plastics, combining size and versatility.
  • Dive-and-rise lures, whose unique action perfectly triggers strikes.

Ideal Lures for Winter Musky

I find the following lures effective during winter:

  • Large, soft-bodied paddle tails, with their large, slow motion.
  • Heavyweight jigheads, allowing for slow and enticing movements.
  • Sucker rigs, presenting live bait that mimics their natural prey.

Top Lures for Pike and Muskie

For pike and muskie, I typically use a mix of:

  • Large spoons, providing flash and movement to attract attention.
  • Spinnerbaits, moving through weed beds and vegetation without snagging.
  • Large crankbaits, covering a wide range of depth, depending on the prey’s location.
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