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There are several types of lures that I like to use for bass fishing, including crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwater lures, and soft plastic baits. Each type has its unique advantages and characteristics, which I will cover so you have what you need to pick the right bass fishing lure.

When choosing the best bass fishing lure, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the target water depth, structure, and forage available in the area you’ll be fishing. Lures come in various sizes, colors, and styles, so selecting the right one also depends on personal preference and the specific fishing conditions you plan to encounter.

After extensive research and testing, I have narrowed down a list of top bass fishing lures that perform exceptionally well in various scenarios, increasing your chances of landing that trophy catch.

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The best bass lures are the ones within the Monster Bass Platinum Series Box. This box offers every lure that a bass angler could possibly need, all for an affordable price.

Best Bass Fishing Lures – Comparison Table

04/02/2024 09:40 pm GMT

Best Bass Lures Reviewed

I’ve compiled a list of the best bass fishing lures that can help you catch more fish and improve your angling experience. Check out the list below to find the perfect lure for your next bass fishing trip.

MONSTERBASS Platinum Series Box

The MONSTERBASS Platinum Series Box is a must-buy for bass fishing enthusiasts who seek quality and variety in their tackle box.


  • Contains 7+ hand-selected lures suitable for your region
  • Features top-of-the-line brands like Strike King, Savage Gear, and Lunkerhunt
  • Valued at over $50 MSRP but offered at a budget-friendly price


  • Some users report receiving identical lures in different boxes
  • May not always be the best value compared to piece-by-piece purchases
  • Could be disappointing for experienced anglers looking for unique items

I recently tried the MONSTERBASS Platinum Series Box and was thoroughly impressed. The 7+ bass fishing lures included in the box were hand-selected by regional experts, meaning they were perfectly suited for the waters I frequent. This thoughtful customization made my bass fishing experience more enjoyable, as I knew I had the right tools for the job.

The quality of these lures is top-notch, featuring well-known brands such as Strike King, Savage Gear, and Lunkerhunt. Being able to have access to these premium lures while maintaining a reasonable budget was a significant advantage of this box. It’s also an excellent gift option for friends or family who love fishing and need high-quality lures in their tackle box.

However, there are a few drawbacks to the MONSTERBASS Platinum Series Box. Some users have reported receiving the same lures in different boxes, which might not offer the variety they’re looking for. Additionally, although the box is budget-friendly, you might be able to find better value purchasing lures individually. Lastly, for experienced anglers in search of unique items, this box could be underwhelming.

In conclusion, the MONSTERBASS Platinum Series Box is an excellent option for bass fishing enthusiasts who want a hand-picked selection of lures tailored to their region. Its quality, top brands, and budget-conscious price make it an attractive choice. However, it might not cater to every angler’s preferences or offer the best value compared to purchasing lures individually.

Delong Lures 6″ Bass Witch

The Delong Lures 6″ Bass Witch is a reliable choice for anglers looking to catch bass and other sport fish with its unique design and enticing anise scent.


  • Easy to use and versatile for various fish species
  • Infused with anise scent for enhanced attraction
  • Made in America with durable materials


  • Wire on weedless hooks may break with use
  • Some users may not have tried it yet
  • Limited to five colors in the variety pack

During my recent fishing trip, I decided to give the Delong Lures 6″ Bass Witch a shot, and I was impressed by how easy it was to set up and use. The lure’s realistic movement and anise scent added an extra layer of attraction that helped me draw in largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and northern pike. Its versatile design worked well with spinning, casting, and other fishing techniques, allowing me to adapt to various fishing conditions.

The Bass Witch’s American-made quality is evident in its sturdy construction and 40lb braided Kevlar line, assuring me this lure can withstand some serious fishing. However, I did notice that the weedless wire broke on a couple of the worms after a few uses, which could be a potential drawback for some anglers.

Regardless of the minor setback, this Delong Lures pack quickly became an essential addition to my tackle box. The five different-colored worms in the pack, including black, green pumpkin, and firetiger, helped me switch things up, providing me with engaging fishing experiences. Overall, the 6″ Bass Witch proved to be an effective and enjoyable lure to use, and I’d recommend it to anglers looking to improve their chances of catching bass or other sport fish.

BASSDASH SwimPanfish Bluegill Swimbaits

The BASSDASH SwimPanfish lure is a must-have for bass fishing enthusiasts looking for lifelike action and excellent catch results.


  • High-quality ABS material that withstands wear and tear
  • Realistic 6-segment jointed swimming action
  • Excellent for targeting bass, pike, and other gamefish


  • Slightly difficult to tie to fishing rod
  • Hooks might bend under heavy pressure
  • Smaller than expected for some users

I recently used the BASSDASH SwimPanfish Bluegill Swimbaits when fishing and was overall impressed with its performance. The lure’s high-quality ABS material held up well during repeated uses, and I appreciated the lifelike swimming action provided by its 6-segment joints. This feature significantly contributed to the lure’s effectiveness in attracting bass, pike, and other gamefish.

However, I noticed that tying the lure to my fishing rod was a bit challenging at first, but with a bit of practice, I quickly got the hang of it. In addition, the hooks on the lure seemed to bend somewhat under heavy pressure, so that’s something to be mindful of when handling larger fish. Lastly, the lure’s size might be smaller than what some users expect, but I found it to perform well despite that.

Overall, the BASSDASH SwimPanfish Bluegill Swimbaits’ performance and lifelike action make it a worthy addition to any angler’s tackle box. Although there are a few minor drawbacks, the lure’s effectiveness in attracting bass and other gamefish certainly outweighs them.

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures are worth considering if you’re seeking lifelike, versatile lures for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.


  • Realistic 8-segment multi-jointed body
  • High-quality ABS material with a built-in rattle
  • Effective for various fish species


  • May be too heavy for some anglers
  • Hooks can get caught in underwater vegetation
  • Limited effectiveness in warmer waters

The lifelike appearance of the TRUSCEND Fishing Lures is an impressive feature, as the 8-segment multi-jointed body provides a natural swimming action. I found this lure sinks slowly, allowing it to attract fish in various water layers. Its realistic eyes, combined with the pearl powder coating, make it difficult for fish to resist.

Made from high-quality ABS material, the built-in rattle emits fish sound waves continuously as it moves through the water, urging fish to attack. I appreciated the durability and sturdiness of these lures, even when targeting larger fish.

While I’ve had success catching numerous fish species with these lures, including bass, yellow perch, and walleye, there are some drawbacks. The weight of the lures can be a challenge for some anglers, and the hooks tend to snag on underwater vegetation at times. Additionally, I noticed a decline in effectiveness when the water temperature increased.

Despite some minor limitations, TRUSCEND Fishing Lures offer an enticing and versatile option for anglers who want to target various fish species in different water conditions. The lifelike appearance and realistic swimming action make this one of the best bass lures.

KRLAO Topwater Frog Lure Set

An ideal choice for anglers targeting bass, these KRLAO frog lures are water-resistant, lifelike, and come with weedless hooks.


  • Realistic design and movement
  • Durable PVC hollow body
  • Weedless double-barbed hooks


  • Hooks may require upgrading
  • The limited color variation on the underside
  • May not sink properly in some conditions

The KRLAO Topwater Frog Lure Set instantly caught my attention due to its impressive lifelike appearance. Their design truly mimics frogs in the wild, making these lures irresistible to bass, pike, trout, and other freshwater fish.

While using these lures, I appreciated the water resistance they offered. The double 360° rotatable feet soles allow for increased water disturbance, catching the attention of the target fish. They moved fluidly in the water and create a vivid display that is hard for any fish to resist.

One of the drawbacks I encountered was the lack of variation in the color of the frogs’ undersides. While the top part of the frogs had different colors, the bottoms were uniform, causing a limitation in variety. Despite this, their realistic design still attracted fish effectively.

The weedless double-barbed hooks were secure, but the hook quality may need upgrading for those who fish frequently. Additionally, the no-sink design sometimes had issues with sinking too quickly or not sinking at all. However, they performed well overall in freshwater fishing situations.

In conclusion, the KRLAO Topwater Frog Lure Set is perfect for those who want a high-quality, realistic frog fishing lure to increase their chances of catching freshwater fish like bass, trout, and pike. While some minor improvements could be made to color variation and hooks, these lures are definitely worth considering for your tackle box.

YUM Dinger Classic Worm Lure

The YUM Dinger truly stands out as a versatile bass fishing lure due to its ability to catch fish during any feeding situation.


  • Exceptionally versatile in attracting both active and inactive fish
  • Unique hook slot for improved hook-ups
  • Can be used with various rigging methods and weighted or weightless presentations


  • Might not be suitable for all muddy conditions
  • Durability could be an issue
  • Takes some practice to master different rigging techniques

During my recent fishing sessions, I found the YUM Dinger Classic Worm Lure to be a top-notch choice for bass fishing. No matter if the fish were actively feeding or not, this soft plastic bait perfectly mimics a realistic life-like action that many other lures lack. The subtle movement and vibrations created by the lure managed to entice even the most pressured fish.

A unique feature of this lure is its hook slot, which I found quite beneficial for achieving better hook-ups. This translates to fewer failed strikes and, ultimately, more fish in the boat. Additionally, the Dinger can be rigged in a variety of ways—including Texas, Carolina, and Wacky styles—making it adaptable for different fishing situations. Plus, it can be used both with weights or as a weightless presentation, offering optimal flexibility in designing your angling strategy.

On the downside, the YUM Dinger lure might not perform equally well in all types of water conditions, particularly murky or heavily vegetated areas. The lure’s durability could also be a concern, although this is typical of many soft plastic baits. Lastly, mastering the various rigging techniques for this lure does require some practice, which might not appeal to novice anglers.

Overall, the YUM Dinger Classic Worm Lure presents an excellent option for bass fishing enthusiasts looking to expand their tackle box. Its versatility, realistic action, and adaptable rigging possibilities make it a solid investment for any angler seeking an edge on the water.

TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Crayfish Soft Lures

I recommend the TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Crayfish Soft Lures for realistic movement and durability in both fresh and saltwater fishing.


  • Lifelike swimming action
  • Durable TPE material
  • Ultra-sharp VMC hook


  • Can dissolve if stored with non-TPE lures
  • Might tangle the line when casting
  • Requires fast reeling for optimal action

I recently used these TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Crayfish Soft Lures and was impressed by their realistic action. The segmented body and tail create lifelike swimming movements, while the legs and antennae move naturally on the retrieve and drop, attracting a variety of fish. Made from resistant TPE material, these lures are tough enough to handle multiple hits without losing their shape or effectiveness.

The premium design of these soft-bodied swimbaits features realistic patterns, holographic flash foil, and 3D eyes. Pre-rigged with ultra-sharp VMC hooks, the lures provide excellent hooking capability. I successfully targeted bass, trout, walleye, pike, snook, salmon, and redfish with these versatile soft baits.

However, I did experience some minor drawbacks using these lures. It’s essential to store them separately from other non-TPE lures to prevent dissolving issues. Also, be cautious when casting, as they may tangle the line if not handled properly. Additionally, to achieve the ideal swimming action, I had to reel faster, causing only the tail to wiggle instead of the whole body.

Overall, I find the TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Crayfish Soft Lures to be an excellent addition to any angler’s tackle box. They offer impressive durability and attraction for a wide range of fish species, despite some minor drawbacks.

SundayPro Fishing Lure Set 6PCS

This SundayPro Fishing Lure Set is simply a must-have for bass anglers looking to improve their catch rate.


  • Durable ABS construction with rust-proof sharp treble hooks
  • Creates noise and commotion, attracting more fish
  • Suitable for various fishing conditions and species


  • Line twist due to mono-directional prop
  • May not float consistently
  • Not as top-quality as similar higher-priced lures

I recently took the SundayPro Fishing Lure Set out on a fishing trip, and I was very impressed with how they performed. The lures are made with a durable ABS construction, and they come equipped with rust-proof sharp treble hooks. This provides excellent puncture ability and strong abrasion resistance, ensuring successful catches. As a bass angler, these are features I greatly appreciate.

One thing I particularly liked about these lures was their ability to create noise and commotion in the water. They have a metal ball inside that allows you to cast far and creates turbulence, making them impossible for fish to ignore. I found this very effective in attracting bass and other fish in various conditions.

However, there were a few drawbacks to these lures. After a few hours of fishing, the mono-directional prop caused my line to twist, resulting in a huge snarl. Additionally, I noticed they didn’t consistently float as expected, which was slightly disappointing. Lastly, while these lures are great for the price, do not expect them to be of the same quality as top-name brands.

Despite these drawbacks, I found the SundayPro Fishing Lure Set performed well overall. It’s suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing, and it’s effective in targeting bass, perch, panfish, trout, and even pike. Given the affordable price, it’s worth trying these lures out if you’re looking for some new additions to your tackle box.

TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lures

These jig heads are highly effective bass lures with realistic design, lifelike action, and sharp hooks, but may come at a slightly higher price.


  • Versatile for various fishing species
  • Realistic and lifelike action
  • Ultra-sharp high-quality hooks


  • Slightly more expensive than some other soft baits
  • Fish may not always be attracted to the lures
  • Limited color options are available

I recently tried out the TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lures, and I was impressed with their versatility. These lures are suitable for multiple fishing environments, whether it’s freshwater or saltwater, and they work on a variety of fish species, from bass and trout to Walleye and pike.

The lifelike action of these lures really stands out, with their 3D paddle tail creating turbulence and their realistic patterns and holographic eyes adding to their attractiveness. The solid wire construction and ultra-sharp BKK back hook also showed excellent durability and provided increased fish hookups.

While I enjoyed using these lures for bass fishing, there were a couple of less favorable aspects. Firstly, the price may be slightly higher for some anglers compared to other soft baits. Secondly, fish may not always be attracted to these lures depending on the situation, so it’s not guaranteed success every time.

In conclusion, I found that the TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lures were effective and versatile for bass fishing, but their slightly higher price could be a concern for some anglers. Nevertheless, the realistic design and lifelike action make them worth considering for those seeking more success in their fishing adventures.

HENGJIA Pre-Rigged Weedless Fishing Lures

I’d recommend these lures to anyone seeking effective, versatile bass lures with natural swimming action.


  • The weedless design prevents snagging
  • Compact size and weight appeal to various fish species
  • Realistic and versatile forage imitation


  • Slightly smaller hook than expected
  • May require technique refinement for optimal use
  • Limited color options

I recently tried out the HENGJIA Pre-Rigged Weedless Fishing Lures and was impressed by their hydrodynamic design. The lures have a great back-and-forth tail kick action and glide through reeds and other vertical coverings without getting caught. The weed-free design helps me focus on fishing rather than untangling my lures constantly.

The size and profile of these lures make them ideal for emulating smaller baitfish. At 0.5 ounces and 2.7 inches in length, they have a compact size despite their weight, allowing them to reach deeper waters. Although the hooks seem a bit smaller than I’d prefer, they definitely get the job done in catching fish.

As a fisherman, I appreciate lures that can mimic various types of forage. These baits resemble baby gobies, and when bounced or dragged near rocks, they imitate crayfish too. The lures’ plastic-covered head helps them skim over the bottom, and their consistent swimming action in a straight retraction makes them quite versatile. Seven different fishing techniques can be employed with these lures, which adds value to my swimbait game.

However, there’s room for improvement in the color offerings (only one color option is available), and some anglers might need to experiment with techniques to make the most of these lures. Overall, I am pleased with the performance of the HENGJIA Pre-Rigged Weedless Fishing Lures and would recommend them to any bass fisherman looking for practical and efficient lures.

TRUSCEND Fishing Spoon with Triple Strengthened Hook

A must-have bass fishing lure, this TRUSCEND Spoon offers innovative design and unbeatable action for both freshwater and saltwater applications.


  • Innovative blade layout for disturbance and flash
  • Comprehensive upgrades for better performance
  • Wide applications and suitable for various species


  • Can be heavy and prone to snagging
  • The hook may get tangled with the line sometimes
  • Sinks quickly, requiring immediate retrieval

I recently had the chance to try the TRUSCEND Fishing Spoon with Triple Strengthened Hook, and I must say it exceeded my expectations. The innovative blade layout creates a unique disturbance and boosts flash, making it impossible for bass and other game fish to resist. In addition, the comprehensive upgrades, such as the fixed tube at the tail part, further enhance its performance by preventing line tangling and creating an elegant spinning action.

What sets this lure apart from others is its suitability for various water conditions and species. The front body’s design, inspired by VIB lures, makes it effective in most water areas. The TRUSCEND Weighting-Balance System (TWBS) ensures excellent casting and retrieving, making it perfect for targeting bass, trout, pike, and other game fish.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this lure. It can be heavy, which may make it prone to snagging when fishing near the bottom or in weedy areas. The hook may also get tangled with the line at times, which can be frustrating. Lastly, it sinks quickly, requiring you to start cranking as soon as it hits the water.

Despite these minor issues, the TRUSCEND Fishing Spoon with Triple Strengthened Hook remains a top choice among anglers. Its premium design, coupled with 3D eyes, flawless coloring, and ultra-sharp hook, speaks to the quality and effectiveness of this lure. Additionally, the 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime professional customer service show TRUSCEND’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

How to Choose the Right Bass Fishing Lures

bass with lure in mouth

As a bass angler, I know how crucial it is to find the right lure to maximize my chances of success. In this buying guide, I’ll outline the key features to consider when choosing the best bass lures, with some formatting to help you understand better.


The material of the lure is an essential factor to consider. The most common types are:

  • Plastic: Popular for its affordability, versatility, and availability.
  • Metal: Known for their durability and flashy appearance.
  • Wood: Offers a more natural presentation and buoyancy.

Color and Pattern

Bass are visual predators, and the color and pattern of a lure can make a significant difference. Look for:

  • Natural colors: Imitate the appearance of prey in the fishing environment.
  • Bright colors: Attract attention in murky or low-visibility conditions.
  • Contrasting patterns: Help bass distinguish the lure from its surroundings.

Lure Type

There are various bass fishing lure types, each with its advantages:


Crankbaits are versatile lures that imitate baitfish, with a lip at the front for diving action. Consider the diving depth to match the water depth where you’re fishing.


Jigs are ideal for targeting bass in heavy cover or structure, as they sink and can be bounced off the bottom. Look for a head shape that suits the terrain and a skirt that provides the desired action.

Soft Plastics

Soft plastic lures are available in many shapes and sizes, replicating worms, crawfish, or other bass prey. Choose a size and shape suited to the prey you’re trying to mimic.

Topwater Lures

Topwater lures create surface disturbance to attract bass. Some popular types include poppers, frogs, and buzzbaits. Choose one that fits your preferred retrieval style and the water conditions.

Final Thoughts on Bass Lures

best bass fishing lures conclusion

In summary, pay attention to the material, color, pattern, lure type, and hook quality when selecting the best bass lure. By considering these factors, you’ll increase your chances of success on the water.

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