Best Lures For Creek Fishing

Hey, fellow anglers! Welcome to my best lures for creek fishing review.

I spent the last two weeks fishing with and testing over 20 of the most popular creek fishing lures and combined my 15-plus years of creek fishing experience to come up with my top picks for creek fishing lures.

These creek fishing lures have proven to be effective for me over the years, and I am confident that they will help you catch more fish more often.

You don’t have to read through every review on Amazon or go to your local tackle shop to get out to your local creek and start catching fish. Choose one of these creek fishing lures, and you’ll get a proven lure to help you catch more fish.

Ready to get out to the creek and start catching fish?

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The best lures for creek fishing are the Creek Chub Striper Strikes.

Best Lures For Creek Fishing – Comparison Table

Best Lures For Creek Fishing Reviewed

Creek Chub Striper Strike Slow-Sinking Long-Casting Fishing Lure

Creek Chub Striper Strike Slow-Sinking Long-Casting Fishing Lure
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I highly recommend the Creek Chub Striper Strike for creek fishing lovers who seek a durable and effective long-casting lure.


  • Exceptional casting distance
  • Realistic baitfish imitation
  • Suitable for various gamefish


  • Slightly heavier than other lures
  • Forward treble hook may snag line
  • May require hook upgrades for larger fish

Having tried the Creek Chub Striper Strike recently, I was truly impressed by its fantastic casting distance, which is essential for surfing, fishing below dams, or in any situation that requires long casts. The slow-sinking lure, when retrieved quickly on top, creates a realistic escaping baitfish motion that drives stripers, bass, redfish, and other gamefish wild.

Moreover, the Striper Strike is designed with trophy-tough hardware, making it a durable option for anglers in search of a long-lasting lure. The metallic color adds extra attraction, providing increased visibility in the water. Although slightly heavier than other lures, the Striper Strike’s 2.13-ounce weight contributes to its impressive casting ability.

However, some users have reported that the forward treble hook sometimes catches on the fishing line during casts. To prevent this, one might consider upgrading or adjusting the hook. Additionally, for larger fish, it’s recommended to replace the stock hooks with stronger ones to ensure a solid catch.

In conclusion, the Creek Chub Striper Strike is an excellent choice for those who need a long-casting, durable, and effective lure for creek fishing. With minor adjustments, this lure will become an invaluable addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Creek Chub Jointed Wooden Lures 6-Inch Perch

Creek Chub Jointed Fishing Lure for Large Bass, Striper, Musky and Pike
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As an angler, I highly recommend the Creek Chub Jointed Wooden Lures for effectively attracting big predatory fish in creeks.


  • Irresistible to northern pike and muskie
  • Excellent for casting and trolling
  • Durable and tough construction


  • Larger than expected size
  • Not suitable for lighter lines and medium action rods
  • No smaller version available

I recently went creek fishing with the Creek Chub Jointed Wooden Lures and was impressed by its ability to attract big predators like northern pike and muskie. The jointed design gives this lure a fantastic, life-like swimming action, making it hard for fish to resist.

In terms of construction, Creek Chub Jointed Lures are made with a tough plastic polymer which ensures durability during countless casts and reeling in fighting fish. I also admire the sturdy hardware of this lure, perfect for long fishing sessions without breaking or bending.

However, one downside is that this 6-inch perch lure is quite large, so you should be aware of its size before purchasing. Due to its weight (1.75 ounces), it might not be suitable for lighter lines and medium action rods. A smaller version would be a great addition to the Creek Chub lineup, catering to those who prefer smaller lures for different species.

Despite its cons, I believe the Creek Chub Jointed Wooden Lures is a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box, especially when targeting large predatory fish in creeks. Its enticing swimming action, durability, and attractive design make it a go-to lure for creek fishing. Just be mindful of its size and ensure you have the right gear to handle the weight of this lure.

Topconcept Freshwater Fishing Lure Kit

Freshwater Fishing Lure Kits, 180Pcs
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The Topconcept Freshwater Fishing Lure Kit is a versatile and budget-friendly option for creek fishing enthusiasts.


  • Realistic patterns and colors for effective bait simulation
  • Suitable for various fishing environments
  • Comprehensive kit including 180 pieces of diverse lures and tackle


  • Some hooks may be smaller than expected
  • Quality might not be as high for a few components
  • The assortment might include more spoons than necessary

After using the Topconcept Freshwater Fishing Lure Kit, I can confidently say that this kit is a fantastic choice for avid creek fishermen. The realistic patterns and colors of the lures make it easier for me to attract fish, and the steel ball-bearing rattles add to the lure’s effectiveness. This kit is suitable for fishing in oceans, lakes, rivers, and even ponds and streams.

The Topconcept Fishing Lure Kit includes a wide range of fishing equipment, such as hard plastic lures, soft silicone baits, stainless steel rings, and sharp hooks, totaling 180 pieces in a compact PVC-free tackle box. This comprehensive collection enables me to switch between different fishing techniques whenever necessary.

However, the quality of a few fishing components could be better. For instance, some smaller hooks might not be as durable as expected. Moreover, there may be an abundance of spoons included in the kit, resulting in an imbalance in the lure assortment. To maximize the Topconcept Freshwater Fishing Lure Kit’s effectiveness, I suggest supplementing it with additional high-quality jigs and tackle designed for specific target species. Nonetheless, for its price point, this kit is still an excellent choice for creek fishing.

Creek Chub Knuckle Head Jointed Topwater Lure

Creek Chub Knuckle Head Jointed Topwater Fishing Lure
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I highly recommend the Creek Chub Knuckle Head Jointed Topwater Fishing Lure for its versatility and unique action, ideal for targeting multiple species of fish.


  • Unmatched jointed-head action for various fish species
  • Effective for surfcasters, muskie fishermen, and bass anglers
  • Cupped, concave mouth produces enticing surface disturbance


  • Might be larger than expected for some anglers
  • Not suitable for all freshwater situations
  • Doesn’t perform well with smaller topwater feeders

As a seasoned angler, I have tried countless lures, but the Creek Chub Knuckle Head Jointed Topwater Fishing Lure has consistently proven its effectiveness. Its unique jointed-head design allows for an enticing injured-gill look that attracts all kinds of fish species, from bass and redfish to stripers and other ferocious feeders.

The lure’s cupped, concave mouth creates an alluring surface disturbance, perfect for both fresh and saltwater environments. I’ve had great success using it in the Northeast for surfcasting, the Midwest for muskie fishing, and the South for bass angling, making it a versatile addition to any tackle box.

However, I must caution that the Creek Chub Knuckle Head might be larger than expected for some anglers, and its effectiveness in freshwater situations is not universal. While it’s worked wonders for me in various settings, it may not perform as well with smaller topwater feeders. Keeping this in mind, I still strongly believe that the pros of the Creek Chub Knuckle Head Jointed Topwater Fishing Lure outweigh the cons, and I highly recommend giving it a try on your next fishing trip.

AGOOL Fishing Lures Kit

Fishing Lures Kit
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This AGOOL Fishing Lures Kit is worth considering for its variety and effectiveness in catching multiple fish species.


  • Wide variety of lures suitable for different conditions
  • High-quality materials used in lure construction
  • Excellent for targeting multiple fish species


  • Some lures may be larger than expected
  • Soft baits not included, despite product description
  • Potential quality concerns with manufacturing

Just recently, I tried out the AGOOL Fishing Lures Kit and was quite impressed with the variety of lures it offered. The kit comes with 30 spinners, which are great for targeting trout, panfish, smallmouth bass, pickerel, white bass, snapper blues, mackerel, walleye, and pike. I found this assortment to be incredibly useful for fishing in different environments, such as ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers, and larger reservoirs.

The lures in this AGOOL kit are made of premium materials, including stainless steel, brass, and plastic components. The sharp treble hooks and vibrant colors on the spinners help attract fish effectively. I noticed that the continuous flash, vibration, and color patterns kept fish interested, making these lures popular among anglers looking to catch a wide range of species.

Despite the excellent lure variety and high-quality materials, there are some drawbacks to consider. For instance, the size of the lures was bigger than I anticipated. Additionally, soft baits were not included in the package, even though they were mentioned in the product description. Some customers also reported quality concerns regarding the manufacturing of these lures.

Overall, as an avid angler, I recommend the AGOOL Fishing Lures Kit for its versatility and effectiveness in attracting various fish species. While there are some minor drawbacks, the wide range of lures and high-quality materials make this kit a worthwhile addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Dr.Fish 60 Pieces Fishing Lures Kit

Dr.Fish 60 Pieces Fishing Lures, 5 Tackle Box with Tackle Included
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I highly recommend this Dr.Fish 60 Pieces Fishing Lures Kit for its variety and quality, suitable for various fish species and fishing situations.


  • Huge variety of lures
  • High-quality components
  • Carefully selected colors and patterns


  • Some soft baits may fall apart easily
  • It might not be as effective as name brands
  • Box smaller than expected

The Dr.Fish 60 Pieces Fishing Lures Kit comes with 5 tackle boxes, offering a wide range of lures such as spinner baits, fishing spoon lures, soft swimbaits, crankbaits, and a popper. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the lures. The spinnerbaits are made from stainless steel and brass with laser-painted spinner blades, while the hard lures have detailed laser coating. The soft baits, although prone to tearing, are extremely life-like and made from tear-resistant silicone, with high carbon steel hooks securing the catch.

I like how each color and pattern are carefully selected for maximum effectiveness, and the lure’s irresistible swimming action attracts fish from the depths. This kit is versatile for different species, such as bass, trout, walleye, panfish, perch, salmon, or pike, and can be used in both freshwater and saltwater.

Overall, I think the Dr.Fish 60 Pieces Fishing Lures Kit is an excellent purchase for both beginners and experienced anglers. The variety and quality of the lures cover many fishing circumstances, enabling you to target multiple fish species. Though some drawbacks are noted, this kit is a great value for the price.

Consideration for Creek Fishing Lures

When it comes to creek fishing, having the right lure is essential for a successful trip. I’ll share some tips on how to choose the best lures for creek fishing and the features to consider.

First, it’s important to understand the primary prey in the creek you’ll be fishing. This information will help you select the most effective lures that mimic the natural food source. It’s also beneficial to know the species of fish that inhabit the creek to make sure the lure is appropriate.

Next, consider the lure’s size and weight. A lighter lure is more suitable for shallow creeks, as it won’t sink to the bottom too quickly. In addition, a smaller lure may be more effective for targeting specific species of fish.

The color of the lure is another important feature to consider. A variety of colors can work well in different conditions and environments. For example, bright colors like chartreuse and orange are more visible in murky water, while natural shades of green and brown can blend in with the surroundings in clearer water.

The action of the lure is another critical factor when choosing the best option for creek fishing. Some lures have a more subtle action, which can be more effective in calmer water conditions, while others have a more aggressive action that can trigger strikes in rougher water.

Lastly, take note of the type of lure. There are many options available, such as:

  • Soft plastics: These mimic worms, crawfish, and other small creatures. They’re versatile and often used with a jig head, making them easy to fish in various water depths.
  • Crankbaits: They resemble small baitfish and are effective when retrieved at different speeds. They work well in deep or shallow water, depending on the diving depth.
  • Spinnerbaits: These create an appealing motion in the water and are often effective at attracting various species of fish. They work best in areas with heavy cover or vegetation.

In conclusion, when choosing the best lure for creek fishing, consider factors such as the primary prey in the creek, the lure’s size, weight, color, action, and type. With these considerations, you can select the most effective lures to improve your chances of a successful fishing experience.

Common Questions Related to Creek Fishing

Best Lures For Creek Fishing

What are the top lures for catching bass in creeks?

In my experience, the best lures for catching bass in creeks are spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and soft plastics. Spinnerbaits work great in murky water and create vibrations that attract bass. Crankbaits excel in mimicking small fish, while soft plastics like worms or craws can effectively imitate natural prey.

Which lures work best for smallmouth in rivers?

For smallmouth bass in rivers, I recommend using tube jigs, hair jigs, and jerkbaits. Tube jigs are versatile and can imitate crayfish, a smallmouth’s favorite prey. Hair jigs work well in colder water, and jerkbaits can imitate injured fish.

What are the most effective baits for creek fishing?

I find live baits like worms, minnows, and crayfish to be the most effective for creek fishing. Artificial baits like inline spinners, soft plastics, and small crankbaits also yield good results.

What are the recommended lures for river fishing?

When fishing in rivers, I usually opt for spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, or soft plastics. These lures effectively imitate small fish, crayfish, and other natural prey, making them appealing to multiple species of fish.

What should you fish with in streams?

In streams, I prefer using small in-line spinners, spoons, and soft plastics. These lures can mimic the small fish and insects that typically inhabit streams, attracting fish like trout and panfish.

What kind of bait attracts more fish in creeks?

For the best results in attracting fish in creeks, I suggest using live baits, such as worms, minnows, or crayfish. These natural baits generate the smell, movement, and taste that fish in creeks are attracted to.

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