Best Surf Fishing Line: Top 10 Picks For Surf Casting

Hey there! Welcome to my review of the best line for surf fishing.

I have been surf casting on the coast of North Carolina for the past 12 years and have used fishing lines for all the top manufacturers in both rough surf conditions and calm summer waters.

For this review, I rated these fishing lines based on abrasion resistance, memory, knot tying, casting distance, visibility, and price.

These braided lines and one monofilament line have stood out from the others over the years for me and will give you a better shot at catching fish in the surf.

Surf fishing line is one of the most important pieces of surf fishing gear, so saddle up and buy one of the choices below.

Let’s get started!

Best Surf Fishing Lines – Comparison Table

Best Surf Fishing Line

Explore my top picks for the best surf fishing lines to enhance your angling experience.

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

Our Pick
KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

KastKing is a rising leader in the braided line market. Their SuperPower braided line is one of the reasons they’re a company on the rise.

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03/21/2024 03:30 am GMT

If you’re in need of a strong, durable, and versatile surf fishing line with great casting distance, the KastKing SuperPower Braid is a top contender.


  • Exceptional knot strength and durability
  • Low memory for improved casting distance
  • High sensitivity and zero stretch for better hook setting


  • Color may fade with usage
  • Bleeds dye initially, can stain hands and gear
  • Diameter ratings may be slightly optimistic

I recently had the chance to use the KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line while surf fishing, and I was impressed by its performance. The line’s knot strength was impressive, allowing me to comfortably tie solid knots without worrying about slippages or breakages.

The low memory of the line contributed to better, farther casts and a reduced chance of wind knots. Additionally, the KastKing SuperPower Braid offered greater abrasion resistance, so I didn’t have to worry about losing my catch due to fraying or break-offs.

With its ultra-high sensitivity and zero stretch, I experienced an improved hook setting that increased my catch ratio. While the color fading and initial dye bleeding were minor drawbacks, the overall quality and performance of this line more than made up for these issues. I highly recommend the KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line to anyone looking for a dependable and high-performing surf fishing line.

GEVICONT Braided Line High Strength

An excellent choice for surf fishing enthusiasts in need of a durable and high-performance fishing line.


  • 8-strand design for increased drag power and abrasion resistance.
  • Special coating technology for reduced friction and better precision.
  • Low memory and zero stretch for optimal cast control and quick bite detection.


  • Higher price point compared to some competitors.
  • Color options might be limited.
  • May require some initial adjustment for anglers not used to this type of line.

The GEVICONT braided 8-strand fishing line excels in offering superior drag power and abrasion resistance thanks to its unique design. The special coating technology reduces friction, allowing for further cast and better precision, which makes this line perfect for surf fishing at various distances.

What truly sets this line apart is low memory and zero stretch features. The superior winding technology eliminates line memory for smooth cast control, while the absence of stretching allows for faster bite detection. These characteristics are crucial for a successful surf fishing experience.

Although the GEVICONT braided line’s price may be higher than some competitors, it’s an investment in a high-quality and reliable product. The multicolor option might be appealing to some anglers, but if you prefer a single-color line, you may need to look elsewhere. Overall, it’s a reliable and versatile option that’ll help elevate your surf fishing game.

Berkley Flex SS Monofilament Fishing Line – Surf Ocean Blue

The Berkley Flex SS Monofilament Fishing Line is an excellent choice for surf fishing, providing great strength, low memory, and easy knotting for a reliable fishing experience.


  • High strength for handling saltwater predators
  • Low memory for reduced tangles and better casting
  • Easy to knot for reliable connections


  • Not ideal for finesse fishing
  • May not sink as well as expected
  • Limited color options

The Berkley Flex SS Monofilament Fishing Line is made from strong monofilament material, making it perfect for handling powerful saltwater fish like sea bass, Pollack, Wrasse, and Cod. I found it effective when casting from shore, allowing for long-distance casts to reach the strike zone where that saltwater predators lurk.

One aspect I particularly appreciated was the line’s low memory, which minimized kinks and tangles on the reel’s spool and top guide. This feature also enhanced casting performance, ensuring a smooth release to cover greater distances. Additionally, the suppleness of the line made knotting a breeze. Just remember to moisten the line before tightening the knot to reduce friction.

While the Berkley Flex SS Monofilament Fishing Line is a strong and reliable choice for surf fishing, it may not be the best option for finesse fishing techniques. Some users have also mentioned that the line doesn’t sink as well as expected. Despite these minor drawbacks, the line is available in various sizes, including 400m – 0.30mm (15lb), 300m – 0.35mm (19lb), and 250m – 0.40mm (25lb) in the color Ocean Blue, allowing you to choose the best option for your fishing conditions.

GEVICONT Superbraid Fishing Lines

An excellent choice for surf fishing enthusiasts, the GEVICONT Superbraid Fishing Lines offer a durable and strong line that allows for long-lasting and reliable use.


  • 8 strands designed for increased drag power and abrasion resistance
  • Special coating technology for reduced friction and improved casting
  • Zero stretch for quick signal transmission when fish bites


  • Coloring may come off and stain the reel and hands
  • Slightly noisier than some other brands’ lines
  • Not ideal for arborist throw line applications

The GEVICONT Superbraid Fishing Lines are created with an 8-strand design, which increases their drag power and abrasion resistance. This aspect alone makes them a worthwhile investment, as they’ll hold up well even when battling larger fish. Furthermore, the practical coating technology helps to reduce friction, which in turn leads to smoother casting and better precision.

In addition to their solid construction and design features, these lines also have a low memory attribute. This means that they won’t suffer from overlaps, twists, or other issues that can impact cast control. Additionally, the zero stretches of these lines aid in swift transmission when a fish is biting, which is crucial for a successful catch.

Despite its advantages, there are some minor drawbacks to using the GEVICONT Superbraid Fishing Lines. The color of these lines can come off easily and stain your reel and hands. Although this is unlikely to impact your fishing experience directly, it may be a nuisance for some users. Also, the lines are noisier than certain competitor brands, but this is not necessarily a deal-breaker. Lastly, these lines are not ideal for arborist throw line applications, but that doesn’t take away from their effectiveness as surf fishing lines.

Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line – Blue Camouflage 20 LB (300 yards)

I highly recommend the Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line for its versatility, strength, and color retention, making it perfect for surf fishing enthusiasts.


  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Excellent color retention
  • Zero stretch for increased sensitivity


  • Not as smooth as some competitors
  • Potentially difficult for beginners
  • Not the cheapest option available

As an avid angler, I recently tried out the Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line and was thoroughly impressed by its performance. This line is incredibly strong, thanks to its construction from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). The colorfast technology used in this line ensures that it retains its vibrant Blue Camouflage color, even after exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

Honestly, I loved the zero-stretch feature on this line, as it significantly improved my overall fishing experience. The increased sensitivity allowed me to feel every nibble and made detecting strikes much easier. Even though the line isn’t as smooth as some alternatives, it provided me with a reliable and efficient way to cast great distances.

The only downside I noticed was that this high-quality line might be a bit challenging for beginners, and it’s not the cheapest option on the market. However, if you’re serious about surf fishing and want a dependable line that performs well in various conditions, you’ll find that the Reaction Tackle Braided Fishing Line is worth the investment.

RUNCL Braided Fishing Line

The RUNCL Braided Fishing Line is an excellent choice for surf fishing due to its high strength, zero stretch, and exceptional castability, making it a reliable option for both beginners and experienced anglers.


  • A high strength-to-diameter ratio provides reliable performance
  • Strong knot strength helps retain big catches
  • Low memory and zero stretch improve casting distance and sensitivity


  • Abrasion resistance could be better in rough environments
  • Colors may fade after prolonged use
  • May not be suitable for all fishing situations due to its high visibility

The RUNCL Braided Fishing Line, with its 8-strand construction, offers an impressive strength-to-diameter ratio that aids in surf fishing performance. This durable line enables you to cast longer distances and feel every nibble, thanks to its low memory and zero stretch properties.

One aspect where the line could use improvement is its abrasion resistance. While satisfactory for most situations, it may wear out faster when fishing in areas with many obstacles. However, the braided line remains quite sensitive, allowing you to detect bites more effectively.

The line features a rainbow color pattern designed to enhance visibility in various conditions. This can be useful when counting the colors to estimate the depth of the lure. However, the colors may fade over time with frequent use, and the high visibility might not be ideal for all fishing situations.

Calamus Bastion Braided Fishing Line

Calamus Bastion Braided Fishing Line is perfect for those looking for a strong, thin, and affordable fishing line for surf fishing.


  • High abrasion resistance for fishing in heavy or hardcover
  • Special coating prevents color fading and water absorption
  • Zero stretch for solid hook sets and low memory


  • Color may fade slightly when wet
  • Potential for tangling or nesting
  • Limited color options

Calamus Bastion Braided Fishing Line is a super line with a tough and strong Multituf Fiber diamond weave pattern. This pattern is excellent at withstanding wear and tear when fishing around heavy or hard cover. Its thin diameter also contributes to great knot strength, making it perfect for surf fishing.

The special coating applied to the surface of the braid ensures that color fading is kept to a minimum and prevents water absorption. Just note that the color may fade a bit when the line gets wet. The zero stretch feature provides solid hook sets, and the low memory prevents bird nesting as the fishing line comes off the reel, allowing you to feel every nibble and bump on the bottom. However, there might be some cases where the line gets tangled or nested, so handle it with care.

Calamus Bastion Braided Fishing Line is an excellent choice for surf fishing enthusiasts seeking a strong, thin, and abrasion-resistant line at an affordable price. With its many features and great casting capabilities, you’ll be able to reel in those big catches with ease. Just remember that the color options are limited, so choose wisely!

RIKIMARU Braided Fishing Line

If you’re in search of a high-quality, affordable fishing line with outstanding abrasion resistance and zero stretch, the RIKIMARU Braided Fishing Line is certainly worth considering.


  • High abrasion resistance and durability
  • Zero stretch and low memory for better casting
  • Thin diameter for faster cutting through the water


  • Color retention could be better
  • May require extra care when tying knots
  • Not the best choice for extreme environments

The RIKIMARU Braided Fishing Line is crafted using a superior PE material, giving it excellent toughness while maintaining high-quality strength and speed. This feature makes it suitable for targeting fish in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Due to the zero-stretch nature of this fishing line, I had a more efficient and smoother fishing experience.

The special coating and dyeing technology applied to this fishing line ensures minimal color loss and increased abrasion resistance. Although some users reported color loss over time, I didn’t encounter this issue during my initial fishing sessions. It’s worth noting that the thinner diameter of this fishing line helped my bait reach the target water layer significantly faster.

In conclusion, RIKIMARU Braided Fishing Line offers a great balance between performance and affordability. While it may have a few minor drawbacks, the overall strengths of this fishing line make it a solid choice for those looking to improve their fishing experience under a variety of conditions.

HERCULES Super Cast 8 Strands Braided Fishing Line

The HERCULES Super Cast 8 Strands Braided Fishing Line delivers high performance without breaking your budget, making it a great choice for saltwater anglers.


  • Same quality as more expensive brands
  • Superior cast experience with smooth, thin diameter
  • Great knot strength and abrasion resistance


  • May be less flexible than some alternatives
  • Not ideal for every fishing technique
  • Product origin in China may be a concern for some buyers

I recently had the chance to try out the HERCULES Super Cast 8 Strands Braided Fishing Line, and I can attest to its exceptional quality. Not only is it just as good as pricier alternatives, but it also offers a superior cast experience thanks to its smooth, thin diameter and low memory.

Considering its UHMWPE construction and enhanced coating technology, this line is incredibly resistant to knots and abrasion. It’s perfect for surf fishing, allowing me to yank fish out of tough situations without the fear of losing them. Plus, with zero stretch and high sensitivity, I could easily detect even the slightest fish bite on my baits.

However, the line’s inflexibility might not suit every fishing technique or preference. Additionally, while the product’s origin in China isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, it might be a concern for some buyers who prefer products made in other countries. Overall, the HERCULES Super Cast 8 Strands Braided Fishing Line is an affordable yet dependable option for saltwater anglers looking for a reliable and high-performance fishing line.

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

This Power Pro Spectra Fiber braided fishing line delivers exceptional durability and sensitivity, making it a popular choice for surf fishing enthusiasts.


  • Thin diameter for improved lure action
  • Near-zero stretch for enhanced sensitivity
  • Convenient packaging with built-in cutter


  • The initial learning curve for braided lines
  • Pricey compared to some competitors
  • May require an adjustment period for new users

While using the Power Pro Spectra Fiber braided fishing line, I noticed that its thin diameter improves the action of lures in the water, enabling more life-like presentations. The near-zero stretch of the line enhances sensitivity, making it easier to detect subtle fish strikes.

One of the standout features is the innovative packaging, allowing you to spool directly from the box, with a built-in cutter and arbor tape included. This convenience adds up and makes the experience hassle-free.

On the downside, there is an initial learning curve when switching from monofilament to braided lines. However, once accustomed to the difference in handling, these lines offer numerous benefits, such as longer wear and reduced line twists. While costlier than some other options, the Power Pro Spectra Fiber fishing line is a worthwhile investment for dedicated surf anglers.

Considerations for Surf Fishing Line

When choosing the best surf fishing line, it’s essential to consider a few crucial factors. This buying guide will highlight the most important aspects to take into account, ensuring you make the right decision.

Line Material

Different materials offer varying degrees of durability, stretch, and abrasion resistance. The three most common materials for surf fishing lines are:

  • Monofilament Fishing Line: Affordable and versatile, but less abrasion-resistant and prone to memory (coil retention).
  • Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines: Nearly invisible underwater, abrasion-resistant, but more expensive and less flexible than monofilament.
  • Braided Fishing Line: Low stretch, ultra-strong, and highly visible, but also expensive and less user-friendly for beginners.

To learn more about the difference between braided, fluorocarbon, and monofilament lines, check out the post below:

Line Strength and Diameter

Line strength, measured in pounds (lb), is vital to withstand the force exerted by the fish. Typically, 15-40 lb test lines are suitable for most surf fishing situations. Line diameter, measured in millimeters (mm), can impact casting distance and line visibility.

Sensitivity and Stretch

A sensitive fishing line will help you detect bites more effectively, while low-stretch lines provide a more solid hookset. Braided lines tend to have the best sensitivity and lowest stretch, followed by fluorocarbon and monofilament lines.

Abrasion Resistance

A robust surf fishing line should resist abrasion from rocks, debris, and other obstacles. Fluorocarbon and braided lines typically offer the highest abrasion resistance, with monofilament being less resistant.

Color and Visibility

Choose a line color that blends well with the water environment or is invisible underwater (like fluorocarbon). Alternatively, choose a highly visible line color (like braided lines) if you want to see the line’s movement on the surface.

Final Cast

best surf fishing line

There are several types of fishing lines available on the market, but for surf fishing, it’s crucial to choose a line that can handle the unique challenges of this environment. Factors like water currents, sand abrasion, and saltwater corrosion all play a role in the wear and tear on a line, making it vital to select a durable and strong option that can endure these elements.

When choosing the best surf fishing line, anglers should consider factors like line strength, abrasion resistance, and visibility. The ideal line should have a high test strength to handle the weight of larger fish species commonly found in surf fishing. Abrasion resistance is also essential to avoid line failure due to contact with rocks, sand, and debris. Additionally, the line color should be selected based on the water conditions and the intended target species, as it can impact visibility and catch rates.

I’ve spent significant time surf casting and researching these surf fishing lines to bring you a selection of top performers that meet the unique demands of all surf fishing situations.

Stay away from fluorocarbon fishing lines. If you’re on a budget, go with a monofilament line, and if you want the ultimate line for surf fishing, go with a braided line.

Now get out there and GO FISHING!

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