Fishing Near Me

The Take Me Fishing map is a next-generation tool for fishermen that I use to find the best fishing spots near me. Now you can use it too to find fishing spots near you!

Whether you are searching for ‘bass fishing near me’ or ‘freshwater fishing near me’, this map will help to pinpoint the right place for you. It shows many fishing spots, from marinas and boat ramps to other bodies of water.

How do I use the Take Me Fishing map to find fishing near me?

Watch this video to find out

Boat Ramps Near Me

Another feature of this interactive map is that you can also find boat ramps near you. They’re designated by an icon with a boat going down the ramp! Click on them to see more details about each one, including whether or not there’s nearby parking and what type of watercraft it accommodates.

Bait Shops Near Me

Bait shops are not just a place to go load up on lures and tackle, there’s also great information to be gained. You can often get some good details as well about what patterns work best for catching fish in your location if you chat with the employees at these places.

The fishhook icon will show you all the local bait shops in your location. Click on it, and a pop-up with useful information about that store, including hours of operation, phone number, address, and more!

If you’re looking for some good fishing tips or are curious to see what other fishermen have been catching lately, just head over to any one of these great stores nearby!

What to do Next?

Before you head out, it is important to first get your fishing license. Use our fishing license map to purchase yours online. Then it’s time to search your local area for a spot, read reviews, and GO Fishing!

Captain Tyler Brady

Captain Tyler Brady

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