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When selecting the perfect walleye lure, it’s essential to consider factors like size, color, and action. These elements will have a significant impact on the lure’s ability to draw in walleye and convince them to bite. Additionally, take into account factors such as water clarity, time of day, and the local forage base to select the most appropriate lure for your specific situation.

Choosing the right walleye lure is crucial to a successful fishing experience. In this guide, I will share my firsthand experience and in-depth research to showcase the top-performing walleye lures that will increase your chances of hooking this elusive fish.

Ready to dive in and discover which lures will help you make your next walleye fishing trip more fruitful.

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Best Walleye Lures – Comparison Table

04/01/2024 06:23 am GMT

Best Walleye Lures Reviewed

I have carefully researched and compiled the best walleye lures on the market. Check out my list of the very best walleye jigs products to help you catch more walleyes.

Tailored Tackle Walleye Fishing Kit

I recommend the Tailored Tackle Walleye Fishing Kit for beginners and experienced anglers who desire a high-quality, comprehensive set to improve their walleye fishing experience.


  • Comprehensive kit with various lures and tackle
  • Includes a helpful 14-page walleye fishing book
  • Durable, compact 11 x 7-inch tackle box organizer


  • Some users might find the kit pricey
  • A few lures may not perform as expected
  • Longer shipping time for some customers

Having recently used the Tailored Tackle Walleye Fishing Kit, I found it incredibly practical and complete. The kit came with a variety of lures, jigs, and hooks designed specifically for walleye fishing. The deep diving Firetiger crankbait and swimbaits quickly became my go-to options for casting and trolling.

What I particularly appreciated was the 14-page instructional book on walleye fishing. It covered lure selection, fishing techniques, and tips on locating walleye. As a result, my fishing trips were more productive and enjoyable.

I also loved the tackle box design – the 11 x 7 inch organizer with 13 slots was a fantastic way to keep all the fishing gear neatly arranged. It efficiently stored all the tackle needed for a day of walleye fishing, making it simple to find and use the right equipment.

However, I noticed that a few lures didn’t perform as well as I had hoped, and the kit’s price may be considered high for those with a smaller budget. Additionally, when ordering the product, shipping took slightly longer than expected.

Overall, the Tailored Tackle Walleye Fishing Kit is an excellent purchase for anyone looking to step up their walleye fishing game. The comprehensive lures, informative booklet, and compact tackle box make it a valuable addition to any fishing setup.

BANDIT LURES Walleye Deep Crankbait – Party Zebra

I highly recommend the BANDIT LURES Walleye Deep Crankbait for its unique design and effective wobble action that appeals to walleye and other game fish.


  • Effective rolling wobble action
  • Dives deep quickly
  • Accurate tracking at various speeds


  • Limited color options
  • Not suitable for shallow water
  • May need occasional tuning

The moment I used the BANDIT LURES Walleye Deep Crankbait, I could tell this lure was designed with walleye fishing in mind. Its unique minnow-like body gave it a natural appeal that enticed nearby fish, and the rolling wobble action was irresistible to them. The feeling of my fishing line tightening as a walleye took a bite made the experience extremely satisfying.

Another feature I found impressive was the lure’s ability to dive deep almost immediately. When trolling, the lure reaches the desired depth quickly and maintains stability even at higher speeds. This feature allowed me to cover more water and increase my chances of catching walleye.

While the Party Zebra color performed well for me, I feel that having additional color options would be beneficial. On the other hand, the effectiveness of the Party Zebra color on cloudy days is a major plus. However, it’s worth noting that this lure may not be suitable for shallow water, as its design causes it to dive deep quickly.

Overall, my experience with the BANDIT LURES Walleye Deep Crankbait was incredibly positive. The natural design, enticing wobble action, and excellent depth coverage make it a valuable addition to any walleye fisherman’s tackle box.

Cotton Cordell Wally Diver Walleye Crankbait

I highly recommend the Cotton Cordell Wally Diver Walleye Crankbait for its effectiveness in attracting walleye and versatility in both casting and trolling.


  • Slender profile and tight wiggle for attracting walleye and bass
  • Effective when cast or trolled
  • Comes in a variety of size styles and color patterns


  • Paint may wear off quickly due to hook friction
  • Not suitable for all fishing environments
  • May attract other fish species, not just walleye

During my recent fishing trip, I used the Cotton Cordell Wally Diver Walleye Crankbait and was impressed with its performance. Its slender profile and tight wiggle proved to be highly effective in attracting both walleye and bass. I was able to catch multiple fish within a short time.

What sets the Wally Diver apart is its versatility. It works equally well when cast or trolled, making it a great addition to any angler’s arsenal. Moreover, the Wally Diver series comes in a variety of size styles and color patterns, allowing you to adapt your lure to your specific fishing situation.

However, there are a few downsides to the Cotton Cordell Wally Diver. The paint on the lure seemed to wear off quickly, likely due to friction with the hooks. Additionally, it may not be suitable for all types of fishing environments and might attract other fish species besides walleye. Despite these drawbacks, the Wally Diver still stands out as a top choice for those targeting walleye.

Piranha Raptor Fishing Lures

I highly recommend these lifelike lures for their incredible swimming action and effectiveness on various fish species.


  • Lifelike design with a multi-jointed body
  • Realistic swimming action
  • Effective on a variety of fish species


  • Paint may chip after extended use
  • Elastic band connecting segments may wear out
  • The case might be too small for some lures

I recently tried out the Piranha Raptor Fishing Lures, and I was highly impressed by their lifelike appearance and swimming action. The multi-jointed body and 3D eyes give these lures a genuine look, capturing the attention of various fish species. Their slow sink design allows them to swim naturally through the water, enticing aggressive strikes.

The lures were highly effective on a range of fish species, such as bass, walleye, and trout, among several others. This versatility comes in handy when fishing in different locations and targeting various species more fish. However, it is essential to mention that, after a while, the paint on the lures might start to chip, so they could require occasional touch-ups to maintain their realistic appearance.

One concern I had was the elastic band connecting the lure segments. While it functions correctly, it may wear down over time, especially after catching several larger or more aggressive fish. Additionally, the provided case might be a bit too small for some lures, potentially causing minor deformations in their shape.

Overall, the Piranha Raptor Fishing Lures are a worthwhile addition to your tackle box for their realism and effectiveness on various fish species. Just keep in mind that the paint and elastic bands may need some maintenance over time, but their performance makes them a valuable investment.

OriGlam 10 Pack Fishing Lures

These OriGlam fishing lures are a great value for any angler looking to catch walleye with their lifelike design and variety of colors.


  • Lifelike design and movement
  • Durable materials and construction
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing


  • Some inconsistency in quality
  • Larger than some anglers prefer
  • Hooks may require sharpening out of the box

I recently tried out the OriGlam 10 Pack Fishing Lures and found them to be quite impressive. The lures come in 10 different colors, making it easy to switch things up and find the perfect lure for any water condition. Their unique design, with 3D eyes and lifelike swimming action, really helps to provoke fish into biting.

In addition to their lifelike appearance, these lures are also quite durable. Made from ABS material with high carbon steel triple hooks, they seem to hold up well even when reeling in larger fish. The added bonus of artificial lures being suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing means that you can target a variety of species, not just walleye.

However, during my time with these lures, I did notice a few minor drawbacks. Some of the lures seemed to be inconsistently made, with small chips in the bill or misaligned hooks. Additionally, these lures are a bit larger than some anglers may prefer, which might make them less effective for certain fish. Lastly, I found that some of the hooks were not very sharp out of the box, so I had to sharpen them before using them.

Overall, despite these minor issues, I feel that the OriGlam 10 Pack Fishing Lures provides an excellent value for any angler looking to catch walleye. Their lifelike design, durability, and suitability for a variety of fishing environments make them a worthwhile addition to your tackle box.

BASSDASH Ice Fishing Lure Kit

The BASSDASH Ice Fishing Lure Kit is an excellent choice for ice fishing enthusiasts looking for a versatile set of lures for catching walleye, perch, and pike.


  • High-quality lead bodies for quick drops
  • Detailed paint and bright coatings, with 24 of the 30 pieces being luminescent in the dark
  • 30-piece kit with various jig styles and a bonus reusable tackle box with adjustable compartments


  • Hooks may require extra care to prevent rusting
  • Case that comes with the kit could be of better quality
  • Some lures may be too small for certain fishing conditions

I recently got the chance to try out the BASSDASH Ice Fishing Lure Kit while targeting walleye, and I was impressed with the quality and variety of the lures. The lead bodies allow the lures to drop quickly through the cold water through the column, and the ultra-sharp high carbon hooks provide excellent penetration.

The paint job on the lures is highly detailed, and the bright coatings help attract fish to the lure. Additionally, having 24 out of the 30 lures glow in the dark adds an extra advantage when fishing in low-light conditions. I found that tipping the lures with live bait like a wax worm, small minnow, or soft plastic bait increased the number of bites I received.

While I enjoyed using this kit, I noticed that a couple of the hooks showed signs of rusting after just a few uses. This might not be a deal-breaker for some, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you plan on using these lures frequently. I also found that the case included with the kit could be of better quality, as it didn’t hold up well to regular wear and tear.

Overall, the BASSDASH Ice Fishing Lure Kit offers a fantastic selection of lures that work well for catching perch, walleye, and pike. Despite a few minor drawbacks, I’d recommend this kit to tournament anglers or any ice fishing enthusiast looking to expand their collection of lures.

Mepp’s Gold-Plated Walleye Lures

I highly recommend these Mepp’s Walleye Lures for their effectiveness and quality craftsmanship.


  • Solid brass construction
  • Versatile lure kit for various conditions
  • Made in the U.S.A


  • Spinner blades may appear flimsy
  • Potential quality decline compared to older Mepp’s lures
  • Can get lost easily in rocky terrains

As an avid walleye angler, I can attest to the benefits of using Mepp’s spinners and spoons for walleye fishing. These lures are not only reliable for night fishing but also effective during high noon on dark water lakes. I appreciate the solid brass bodies and blades in each lure, which ensure durability and longevity.

The Mepp’s Walleye Lures kit offers a variety of options, making it suitable for both lake and stream fishing. The #0 Syclops, #2 Aglia Long Mino, and #3 Comet Mino are perfect for trolling suspended walleyes in deep lakes. I found it essential to remain patient when fishing with these lures, as walleyes are known to move in groups and can strike at any moment.

While the overall performance of these lures is impressive, it’s important to consider some potential drawbacks. Some anglers have reported that the spinner blades appear flimsy compared to previous Mepp products. Additionally, the quality of the lures might not be the same as the older ones used by some users. Lastly, be cautious when fishing in rocky areas, as these lures can be easily lost.

In conclusion, Mepp’s Gold Plated Walleye Lures offer anglers an effective solution for catching walleyes under various conditions. Despite a few possible drawbacks, their proven track record and quality craftsmanship make these walleye lures a worthy addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Bandit Walleye Minnow Jerkbait

The Bandit Walleye Minnow Jerkbait is a must-have for serious walleye anglers, offering excellent performance and results.


  • The effective wide, searching action
  • Universal color patterns
  • Trolls up to 27 feet


  • Limited size options
  • Potential for color variations in received product
  • Might require additional modifications for certain fishing conditions

After recently using the Bandit Walleye Minnow Jerkbait, I found the 4 3/4-inch slender minnow/jerkbait to be incredibly effective at attracting walleye, zander, and other predatory game fish. The lure’s wide, searching action and universal color patterns contribute to its wide-ranging effectiveness, while the molded-in lip offers some true-running toughness.

Although the Bandit Walleye Minnow Jerkbait offers impressive performance, there are a few cons to consider. First, the size options are limited – it’s only available in the 4 3/4-inch length with a 5/8-ounce weight. Additionally, some users have reported receiving lures with color patterns that differ from the images shown online. Lastly, depending on your specific fishing conditions, you might need to adapt or modify the lure for optimal results.

Overall, the Bandit Walleye Minnow Jerkbait is an excellent lure for walleye anglers, providing valuable features and solid performance. If you can work around the somewhat limited size and potential color discrepancies, this lure should serve you well out on the water.

GOTOUR Fishing Lures

I highly recommend the GOTOUR Fishing Lures for their realistic swimming action, versatility, and high-quality build.


  • Realistic S-shaped swimming action
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater
  • Ultra-sharp hooks


  • Slightly heavy
  • Hooks may be small
  • Packaging issues reported

The GOTOUR Fishing Lures are impressive and effective with their multi-jointed body, which allows them to sink slowly while delivering a natural S-shaped swimming action at any speed. This bait is designed to entice a variety of fish species, making it versatile and ideal for both beginners and experienced anglers.

With 3D realistic eyes, this lure appears lifelike, which fools fish into thinking it’s a real meal. The built-in gravity balls produce a unique sound that attracts fish, further enhancing its effectiveness. Plus, the ultra-sharp, anti-rust hooks ensure that your targeted bass or trout won’t escape.

However, I noticed the GOTOUR lure to be slightly heavy, which can make casting more challenging. Additionally, the hooks may be small for some users, though they remain sharp enough for great penetration. Lastly, there have been reports of packaging issues with some deliveries, though this does not affect the lure’s performance.

Overall, the GOTOUR Fishing Lures prove to be dependable while providing an engaging fishing experience. The pros of this product far outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile investment for any angler looking to catch bass, walleye, and other target fish.

What to Look For in Walleye Lures

best walleye lures

When I search for the best walleye lures, there are several critical features that I consider. Understanding these features is essential to selecting the right lure for my specific fishing conditions.

Type of Lure

The type of lure plays a significant role in attracting walleye. Here are some popular options:

  • Jigs: Can be dressed with soft plastics or live bait
  • Crankbaits: Offer a variety of depths, colors, and action
  • Spinners: Excellent for presentations in both shallow and deep waters

Color and Size

I always consider the color and size of a lure because walleye could be more attracted to different combinations depending on the day:

  • Brighter colors: Best for low light conditions or murky waters
  • Natural colors: Great for clear water conditions

Regarding size, it’s essential to match the lure size with the prevalent baitfish in the area.

Dive Depth

I make sure to understand the diving depth of a lure since it can greatly influence my success at catching walleye:

  • Shallow diving: Suitable for targeting walleye in shallow waters or during spring and fall when they’re often closer to the surface
  • Deep diving: Necessary for reaching deeper areas where walleye may be found during the summer months


Lastly, I always take note of the materials used in the construction of the lure:

  • Plastic: Offers durability and may come in various colors, patterns, and transparency levels
  • Metal: Typically attached to spoons or spinners, providing extra flash and vibrations to mimic live bait fish

By carefully evaluating these features, I can confidently choose the right walleye lure for my fishing adventures.

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