Best Lures For Spanish Mackerel

Hey there! Welcome to my best lures for Spanish Mackerel review.

I have been fishing for Spanish Mackerel for the last 10-plus years here on the coast of North Carolina. Whether I am trolling or casting to Spanish Mackerel, it is one of my favorite fish to target, especially given its proximity to the inlet.

These Spanish Mackerel lures are head and shoulders above the rest and have proven to be highly effective for me.

You don’t have to go around town and talk to every tackle shop to get out on the water and start catching fish. Choose one of these lures, and you’ll get an effective lure guaranteed to help you catch more Spanish Mackerel.

Ready to head out of the inlet and fill your cooler with Spanish?

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The best lures for Spanish Mackerel are inside of the Got-cha Spanish Mackerel Kit from Sea Striker.

Best Lures For Spanish Mackerel – Comparison Table

Best Lures For Spanish Mackerel Reviewed

Below is our curated list of the best lures for catching Spanish Mackerel, ensuring the greatest chances of success in your fishing endeavors.

Got-cha Plug Lure Spanish Mackerel Kit

Our Pick
GOT-CHA Spanish Mackerel Kit, 3-Pack
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An excellent choice for those seeking effective and durable lures for catching Spanish Mackerel, both from piers or while trolling.


  • Highly effective for catching Spanish Mackerel, as well as other species
  • Durable and well-constructed colorful plugs
  • Very sharp hooks for effective hookups


  • Treble hook occasionally gets caught on the fishing line
  • Hooks may break upon attacking a small fish
  • Limited to targeting mackerel species

Having recently used the Got-cha Plug Lure Spanish Mackerel Kit, we can confidently attest to its effectiveness in catching Spanish Mackerel and other saltwater species. The simplicity of the design makes them versatile for various fishing situations, whether from a pier or while trolling.

While out fishing, we appreciated the durability of these plugs. The colors are vibrant, making them easy to spot underwater, attracting mackerel as well as other species like Bluefish and Trout. The hooks on these lures are very sharp, ensuring a good hookup ratio when fish strike.

However, we did face a few drawbacks. The back treble hook tends to get caught on the fishing line occasionally, slightly affecting casting and retrieval. Additionally, one of the hooks broke during an encounter with a small fish – this could be an isolated incident or an occasional problem depending on various factors.

In conclusion, the Got-cha Plug Lure Spanish Mackerel Kit is a great addition to any angler’s tacklebox for targeting mackerel species. The pros outweigh the cons, and with effective and engaging presentations, a successful day of fishing is within your reach.

Clarkspoon Mackerel Tree

Runner Up
Clarkspoon Mackerel Tree
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This lure is a must-have for Spanish Mackerel enthusiasts due to its irresistible appeal and effective design.


  • Impressive 5-hook rig
  • Durable 2/0 gold Mustad forged hooks
  • Colorful surgical tubing dressing


  • Prone to rusting
  • Metal snap may deter fish
  • Spoon design may not impress everyone

As avid fishermen, we enjoyed having the Clarkspoon Mt Mackerel Tree in our arsenal the last time we went fishing. The 5-hook rig provides multiple opportunities to catch Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, and other game fish. We found the size 2/0 gold Mustad forged hooks to be strong and durable, ensuring that our hooked fish wouldn’t escape easily.

When trolling, we appreciated that the lure could be used on the water’s surface or connected to a planer or trolling sinker for depth. This versatility allowed us to target fish at various levels in the water column, increasing our chances of success. The colorful surgical tubing dressing on the hooks made the lure even more enticing to fish, resulting in more strikes.

However, there are a few drawbacks to the Clarkspoon lure. After a few fishing trips, we noticed signs of rust on the hooks, which could lower their lifespan. Additionally, we had to remove the metal snap attached to the Clark spoon, as it seemed to deter Spanish Mackerel due to their “tackle shy” nature. Lastly, although this lure was effective at catching fish, some of us weren’t overly impressed by the spoon’s design.

Overall, we would recommend the Clarkspoon Mt Mackerel Tree Rig to those targeting Spanish Mackerel and other game fish. With its 5-hook rig design and colorful surgical tubing dressing, it’s an ideal choice for trolling both on the surface and at depth. Just keep in mind the rust issue and consider removing the metal snap for optimal results.

Clarkspoon Mackerel Duster Rig

Mackerel Duster Rig for Nearshore Trolling
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A highly effective and affordable lure for Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, and more that we recently tested and highly recommend.


  • Combines Mylar duster and Clarkspoon for maximum effectiveness
  • Durable coated stainless cable and quality rigging components
  • Available in six attractive colors


  • Not suitable for deep-sea trolling
  • May require smoother retrieval technique
  • Limited to specific target species

During our recent fishing trip, we tried out the Clarkspoon Mackerel Duster Rig and were impressed with its performance. We found this combination of a flashy Mylar duster and a chrome Clarkspoon to be very effective in attracting Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish. We particularly liked that it’s designed for nearshore trolling in saltwater, which is a popular activity during the summer months.

One of the most appreciated aspects of this lure is its durability. The rig features a 45-pound coated stainless cable that holds up well, even after several trips. We also found the crane swivel at the front of the rig to be useful in eliminating line twists during trolling, while the coastlock snap securely attached the spoon to the leader.

The Clarkspoon Mackerel Duster Rig is available in six excellent colors, allowing us to mix and match based on water conditions and personal preferences. However, we did notice it may require a smoother retrieval technique for optimum lure action. Additionally, its target species range is relatively limited to Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, and similar fish.

Overall, we believe this Clarkspoon Mackerel Duster Rig is a valuable addition to any avid angler’s tackle box, particularly for those targeting Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish. With its highly effective design, quality components, and attractive colors, this lure will certainly become one of your go-to options during summertime nearshore trolling.

Got-Cha Pro Lures

Got-Cha Pro Lures | Colorful Fishing Lures for Spanish Mackerel
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The Got-Cha Pro Lures are a must-try for catching Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, and Trout with their lifelike design and versatile sizes.


  • Lifelike scaled body design
  • Suitable for Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, and Trout
  • Available in over 20 colors and two sizes


  • Might not be suitable for all types of fish
  • Hooks could be difficult to change
  • Limited weight options (only ¾ oz and 1 oz)

We had the chance to use the Got-Cha Pro Lures on a recent fishing trip, and we were impressed with their lifelike appearance and unique action when retrieved. The scaled body design and re-designed head made it look like a real prey, which greatly attracted the fish we were targeting. We also appreciated that the lures were available in two sizes – ¾ oz. (2.5-inches with size 2 and 4 hooks) and 1 oz. (3.4-inches with size 1 and 2 hooks) – giving us the flexibility to adjust our approach based on the fish we were going after.

As we cast our lines, we noticed that the Got-Cha lures were made of durable stainless-steel hooks and quality materials that held up well to the challenges of saltwater fishing. In addition to Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, and Trout, we found that the lures attracted other species of fish as well. Although we had success with the selected colors, we knew that there are over 20 other colors available to attract different fish.

Despite these positives, we did find that the limited weight options of the Got-Cha Pro Lures might not be suitable for all types of fish. Some anglers might also find it challenging to change hooks if they prefer a different size or style. However, these limitations would not deter us from recommending the Got-Cha Pro Lures to other anglers, as the lures showed excellent results in attracting our target fish types.

In conclusion, the Got-Cha Pro Lures are a practical and attractive option for anglers looking to catch Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, or Trout. With their lifelike design, versatile sizes, and variety of colors, the lures are a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Clarkspoon Mackerel Tree Rigs

Clarkspoon Mackerel Tree Rigs for Nearshore Fishing (No Spoon)
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Clarkspoon Mackerel Tree Rigs are the reliable option for catching Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish in nearshore fishing.


  • Effective in various depths and methods
  • Durable construction with Mustad hooks
  • Suitable for both Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish


  • Not sold with a Clarkspoon
  • Might need additional weights for desired depth
  • Limited customer reviews

After using the Clarkspoon Mackerel Tree Rigs for nearshore fishing, we found the rig to be highly effective at catching Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish. Its versatility allowed us to fish in a range of depths and using different methods, such as drifting or trolling. The durable Mustad hooks and brightly colored surgical tubing held up well against toothy Mackerel attacks.

We liked how lightweight and easy to handle these rigs were and appreciated that they were assembled in the USA. However, the rig did not come with a Clarkspoon, which is a popular lure for these fish. We managed to attach our own Clarkspoon easily with the provided coastlock snap, but it would be useful to have a version that already includes the spoon.

The limited customer reviews available on Amazon is another downside. With only six reviews, it can be hard to gauge the overall consensus on the product. However, our positive experience with the product suggests that it’s worth a try for anglers targeting nearshore Spanish Mackerel or Bluefish.

In conclusion, the Clarkspoon Mackerel Tree Rigs might require additional equipment, like weights and a Clarkspoon, but they are still an excellent and versatile option for targeting Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish. We would suggest giving it a try, considering its durability, effectiveness, and ease of use.

Sea Strike Spanish Mackerel Tree Rig

Sea Strike Spanish Mackerel Tree Rig 4-Hook
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The Sea Strike MR4-3GS is an effective lure for Spanish Mackerel, but be aware of the misleading package quantity.


  • Efficient for catching Spanish Mackerel
  • Attracts other game fish feeding on bait schools
  • Simple design with four hooks


  • Pack only contains one rig, not twelve
  • Possible quality issues due to reviews
  • May not feel like a worthy purchase for the price

We recently tried out the Sea Strike MR4-3GS Spanish Mackerel Tree Rig 4-Hook and were pleasantly surprised by the results. On our first cast, we managed to catch two Spanish Mackerel, demonstrating the lure’s effectiveness. The design is simple with four hooks, making it easy to use and manage.

Another great feature of this lure is its ability to attract other game fish that feed on schooling bait. With this versatility, you’re not limited to just targeting Spanish Mackerel. However, we did notice some discrepancies with the product listing on Amazon. Though it claims to come in a pack of 12, we only received one rig in the pack. Several reviews on the product page also mention this issue.

We felt somewhat disappointed by the discrepancy in quantity, and given the price, it didn’t feel like a worthy purchase. There may also be quality issues, as some reviews mention damage after limited use. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons when considering this lure for your fishing needs.

In conclusion, the Sea Strike MR4-3GS is an efficient lure for catching Spanish Mackerel and other game fish, but the misleading product description and possible quality issues should be taken into consideration before purchase.

Dr.Fish 5 Pack Metal Jig

Dr.Fish 5 Pack Metal Jig Spoons 3/4oz
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We highly recommend these lures for their lifelike appearance, casting distance, and versatility in both freshwater and saltwater environments.


  • Lifelike holographic design with 3D eyes
  • Long casting range due to solid construction
  • Suitable for various fish species in freshwater and saltwater


  • Might dent even with low impact
  • Hooks may not appear to be very strong
  • Some received lures have been undersized

We recently used the Dr.Fish 5 Pack Metal Jig as an efficient and versatile option for catching Spanish mackerel. These metal jigs have an impressive holographic paint finish and 3D eyes, making them incredibly lifelike underwater. We noticed that their long casting ability and solid construction make them a powerful ally when targeting various fish species.

The slim profile of these jigs generates an erratic action as they move through the water, enticing fish to bite. Moreover, the feather treble hooks further increase the lure’s effectiveness. We loved their adaptability to both freshwater and saltwater environments, having used them successfully to catch bass, bluefish, catfish, and walleye, among other species.

However, we did notice a few drawbacks. First, the lures can dent fairly easily, even with low impacts. Second, the hooks may not appear as strong as we would have preferred. Lastly, some of our fellow anglers have mentioned receiving jigs that were smaller than the advertised size.

Despite these minor issues, we firmly believe the Dr.Fish 5 Pack Metal Jig proves to be an excellent choice for catching Spanish mackerel and various other fish species. These lures’ lifelike appearance, long casting range, and versatility make them a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Buying Guide

Trolling For Spanish Mackerel

When choosing lures for trolling for Spanish mackerel, it’s essential to have durable and vibrant lures. We recommend looking for lures with flashy finishes like chrome or holographic patterns. Make sure to consider the running depth of the lures and choose those suitable for the depth at which Spanish mackerel are typically found.

For a great video on how to troll for Spanish Mackerel, check out the video below:

Vertical Jigging For Spanish Mackerel

For vertical jigging, we suggest opting for metal jigs or lead-head soft plastics. The jig’s weight should be enough to reach the desired depth quickly and maintain a proper presentation. Keep in mind that a lifelike or erratic motion can trigger strikes from Spanish mackerel.

Best Rig Setup

When setting up your rig for Spanish Mackerel, consider a wire leader to prevent bite-offs from their sharp teeth. High-quality swivels and hooks are also essential for a reliable connection. We recommend using a combination of artificial lures and live bait for increased chances of success.

Pier Fishing Tips

When fishing for Spanish mackerel off a pier, consider using a float rig or a jig. Casting distance is crucial in this scenario, so choose lures that can be easily cast far. A proper retrieval speed is essential, so opt for lures that perform well at various retrieval rates.

Check out my list of best pier fishing rods!

Shore Catching Tricks

Using a walk-the-dog surface lure can be highly effective when fishing for Spanish mackerel from the shore. Look for lures with good casting ability and realistic action. Additionally, consider spoons and bucktail jigs for increased versatility.

DIY Mackerel Lures

Creating your own mackerel lures can be a fun and cost-effective alternative. Focus on choosing materials that mimic the appearance and movement of the baitfish they feed on. Vibrant colors and flashy materials can further increase the attractiveness of your homemade lures.

Check out the video below to learn how to make the most affordable DIY Mackerel Lures:

Frequently Asked Questions

best lures for spanish mackerel

What month is best to catch Spanish mackerel?

We find that the best months to catch Spanish mackerel vary depending on the region. In most cases, the prime season runs from April to September. During these months, the water temperatures are generally warmer, attracting schools of baitfish and, subsequently, Spanish mackerel. It’s essential to be aware of local mackerel seasons and migration patterns for a successful fishing trip.

What is the best leader for Spanish mackerel?

We recommend using a fluorocarbon or wire leader when targeting Spanish mackerel. Due to their sharp teeth, Spanish mackerel can quickly cut through monofilament leaders. Fluorocarbon leaders with a higher test rating can be suitable; however, we find that a 30-40lb wire leader is typically more successful in preventing bite-offs and increasing your chances of landing these fish.

What time of day is best for mackerel fishing?

We have found that early morning and late afternoon are the best times for mackerel fishing. During these hours, Spanish mackerel are generally more active and feeding closer to the surface. Peak feeding times usually occur during the first two hours of daylight and the last two hours before sunset. However, don’t be discouraged from fishing during other times, as Spanish mackerel can still be caught throughout the day.

How far offshore are Spanish Mackerel?

Our experience indicates that Spanish mackerel can be found both inshore and offshore. They are generally found in water depths between 20 to 40 feet when inshore, but they can also be found in depths of 100 feet or more when offshore. Proximity to shore often depends on factors such as water temperature, availability of prey, and season. We suggest targeting areas with structure and baitfish presence as Spanish mackerel are often found nearby.

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