Best Lures For Bluegill

Hey, fellow anglers! Welcome to my best lures for Bluegill review.

I spent the last two weeks researching and testing 20 of the most popular Bluegill lures and combined my 7-plus years of bluegill fishing experience to come up with my top picks for Bluegill lures.

These Bluegill lures have proven to be effective for me and will help you catch more Bluegill than ever before.

You don’t have to read through every review on Amazon or go to your local tackle shop to get out on the water and start catching Bluegill. Choose one of these Bluegill lures, and you’ll get a proven lure to help you catch more fish.

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Best Lures For Bluegill – Comparison Table

Best Lures For Bluegill Reviewed

As an avid angler, I’ve compiled a list of the top lures for catching bluegill to make your next fishing trip a success.

Skylety 10-Piece Mini Fishing Lures

Our Pick
10 Pieces Mini Fishing Lures with Box (Locust and Fish Series)
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These lures are definitely worth trying, especially for bluegill enthusiasts and those who often fish in small bodies of water.


  • Diverse styles and built-in steel balls for better noise attraction
  • Realistic design and patterns for a more effective catch
  • Made of durable ABS and high carbon steel materials


  • Hooks may need to be replaced with better quality ones
  • Some users report that lures swim improperly in water
  • One piece, the grasshopper lure, looks less realistic than others

During my recent fishing trips, I decided to try the Skylety 10-Piece Mini Fishing Lures. They come in different shapes and styles with realistic designs that grabbed my attention. I’m pretty impressed with their performance so far, especially in catching bluegill, panfish, and even small largemouth bass.

The built-in steel balls in these lures create a captivating sound in the water, which has been genuinely useful in luring the fish. Their material is solid, as they’re made of ABS and high carbon steel, ensuring durability and smooth operation. I appreciate how these lures can be used in both freshwater and saltwater, thanks to their sturdy construction.

However, I did find some room for improvement in these lures. When I unboxed my set, I noticed that the grasshopper lure was not as realistic as some might expect. Additionally, some of my fellow anglers mentioned that the hooks of the Skylety lures aren’t of the best quality and may need to be replaced with better ones.

Despite a few imperfections, the Skylety 10-Piece Mini Fishing Lures have been an enjoyable and practical addition to my tackle box. Their aesthetic design and easy-to-use nature make them a valuable asset in any fishing enthusiast’s toolbox. So if you’re into catching bluegill and other similar fish, don’t hesitate to give these a try!

BASSDASH SwimPanfish Bluegill Lure

BASSDASH SwimPanfish Multi Jointed
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A great choice for anglers looking to catch bass, pike, and other gamefish with lifelike swimbait.


  • Durable ABS material for longevity
  • Realistic side-to-side swimming action
  • Effective on various gamefish species


  • Hooks may catch the line while casting
  • Difficulty in tying to the fishing rod
  • Barbless hooks may not hold fish well

I recently tried the BASSDASH SwimPanfish Bluegill Lure for a day of fishing and was impressed by its lifelike appearance and swimming action. The ABS material construction held up well while casting and retrieving, even when fish were biting and fighting on the lure.

During my experience using this lure, I discovered that the hooks have a tendency to catch the line during a cast. This can be frustrating as it affects the lure’s performance when reeling it back in. Additionally, I found it somewhat difficult to tie the lure securely onto my fishing rod, which may be a factor to consider.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the BASSDASH SwimPanfish Bluegill Lure certainly attracts a variety of gamefish, thanks to its realistic swimming action and design. The multi-section swimbaits are effective in holding onto fish during a fight, even though the hooks seemed to be lacking barbs.

In conclusion, the BASSDASH SwimPanfish Bluegill Lure is a solid option for anglers looking for a realistic and versatile lure. While some aspects could be improved, such as the hook design and ease of tying, the overall performance of the lure is commendable and worth considering for your next fishing adventure.

Bassdash SwimPanfish Bluegill Swimbaits

Bassdash SwimPanfish 2.5”/0.34oz Hard Bluegill Swimbaits
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The Bassdash SwimPanfish Bluegill Swimbaits are a great addition to your tackle box for both freshwater and saltwater fishing experiences.


  • High-quality ABS material construction
  • Lifelike swimming action with 6-segment jointed design
  • Realistic color imitation and 3D laser eyes


  • Might require loop knot for better control
  • Smaller than expected for some users
  • Hook quality might need improvement

When I first received the Bassdash SwimPanfish Bluegill Swimbaits, I was impressed with the realistic paint job and life-like eyes. Along with the textured fins, these details made the lures look like actual bluegills. They are constructed from high-quality ABS material, which can withstand wear and tear from fighting fish.

The lures have a 6-segment jointed design, which allows them to mimic the swimming action of live bait. This side-to-side motion is incredibly effective in attracting a variety of game fish, such as trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striper, pike, and musky. However, I found that using a loop knot offered me better control and made the lures more effective during my fishing trips.

One downside I noticed was that the lures were smaller than I expected. Despite the smaller size, they still managed to maintain a desirable swimming action, but some anglers might prefer a larger lure. Additionally, I felt that the hooks could be improved; they were not as sharp or strong as some branded versions I have tried before.

Overall, the Bassdash SwimPanfish Bluegill Swimbaits have become an essential part of my fishing arsenal. Their lifelike appearance and swimming action consistently attract game fish and make each trip more enjoyable. However, keep in mind the potential need to use loop knots and possibly upgrade the hooks for better performance.

Delong Lures 3″ Weedless Tadpole Fishing Lures

DELONG LURES - Made in The USA - Weedless 3" Tadpole Fishing Lures
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The Delong Lures Tadpole Fishing Lures are an excellent choice for catching various fish species, offering lifelike design, effectiveness, and durability.


  • Lifelike, slow sinking lures
  • Anise-scented for maximum effectiveness
  • Weedless or double hooks for more hook-ups


  • A few lures might have plastic quality issues
  • Might be too large for some smaller fish
  • Movement may not be very realistic for some users

After catching several bluegills with these Delong Lures Tadpole Fishing Lures, I must say that the lifelike and handcrafted design impressed me. The slow sinking action and the anise scent quickly attracted fish and kept bites coming.

As I maneuvered the lures through various fishing conditions, the weedless and double hooks saved my bait from snags while still allowing me to land fish effectively. The kicking action and swimming motion generated by the tails also made for an enticing presentation in the water.

However, I did encounter some minor issues during my experience. A couple of the tadpole baits had minor plastic quality problems, but it was only a small fraction of the overall package. The size of the lures might be too large for smaller fish like crappie, and the movement in the water may not be very realistic for everyone’s tastes.

All in all, the Delong Lures 3″ Weedless Tadpole Fishing Lures have proven to be effective for catching bluegill and other freshwater fish. Despite the minor drawbacks, these lures would make a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Rebel Lures Bluegill Square Bill Crankbait

Rebel Lures #6 Bluegill Tackle (Pack of 3)
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This crankbait is an excellent choice, especially for those who need barbless hooks, thanks to its lifelike action and great results.


  • Realistic action in water
  • Highly effective for bass
  • Barbless hooks meet requirements for some locations


  • Paint may wear off quickly
  • Bigger than expected for some users
  • May require swim pattern adjustments

Having recently used the Rebel Lures Bluegill Square Bill Crankbait, I was impressed by the lifelike action and the number of fish I caught. The water movement feels natural and irresistible to bass, and I found tremendous success in various fishing conditions.

One thing I must mention is that the barbless hooks on this crankbait met the requirements of my local fishing regulations. Not only did it make my fishing experience more compliant, but it also was gentler on the fish. I did not have to worry about them getting too deep of a hook.

However, as much as I enjoyed using the crankbait, I was disappointed with how quickly the paint wore off after just a few catches. Additionally, the lure was a bit larger than I anticipated, which could be a downside for some anglers. I also found that I had to adjust the swim pattern on some of them, as they seemed to vary slightly.

Overall, despite a few drawbacks, I would recommend the Rebel Lures Bluegill Square Bill Crankbait to anyone looking to catch more bass with a lifelike lure featuring barbless hooks. The effectiveness and compliance benefits outweigh the minor downsides, making it a worthy addition to your tackle box.

SA Sunrise Angler Multi Jointed Swimbaits

Sunrise Angler 4 Inch Bluegill Jointed Swimbait - Sinking Hard Bait
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I highly recommend this lure for its lifelike appearance, versatility, and success in attracting freshwater gamefish.


  • Natural “S” swimming action
  • Flexible use as a swimbait, crankbait, or glidebait
  • Attractive 3D holographic eyes and textured body


  • Slightly stiff movement
  • Requires some practice to optimize retrieval technique
  • May not be effective in all fishing environments

As an avid angler, I’ve been impressed with the SA Sunrise Angler Multi Jointed Swimbaits. With five joints and six sections, the swimbait provides an incredibly natural “S” swimming action that draws in gamefish like bass, pike, musky, and catfish. The lifelike color and texture, combined with 3D holographic eyes, make it truly irresistible to the fish I’m trying to catch.

I appreciate the versatility of this sinking lure as well. It can run at my desired depth while being retrieved, allowing it to remain in the strike zone for optimal success. This flexibility lets me use it as a swimbait, crankbait, or glidebait, depending on the situation. It truly feels like I have multiple lures at my disposal.

The built-in steel ball adds weight to the lure, enabling longer casts and enhancing the bait’s overall attractiveness by producing baitfish sounds when I retrieve it. Additionally, the ultra-sharp #6 treble hooks ensure a better chance of hooking and reeling in my catch.

However, it’s worth noting that the lure’s movement can be a bit stiff at times, and it may take some practice to find the best retrieval technique for optimal results. Also, it may not be suitable for every fishing environment. Despite these minor drawbacks, the SA Sunrise Angler Multi Jointed Swimbaits has become a go-to lure in my arsenal. Its lifelike features and adaptability make it a valuable asset for any freshwater angler.

Delong Lures Junior Tadpole

DELONG LURES 2" Junior Tadpole Fishing Lures for Bluegill
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The Delong Lures Junior Tadpole is worth considering for its realism and durability, but may not guarantee instant success.


  • Realistic look, feel, and smell
  • Easy to use with pre-molded hooks
  • Handmade and durable


  • Mixed success in catching fish
  • Limited color variety
  • Only one size available

Having recently used the Delong Lures Junior Tadpole, I was impressed by its realistic look and feel. It genuinely resembles a real tadpole, and the fact that it’s handmade in America just adds to its authenticity. The scent and movement attract a variety of fish, including bluegill, crappie, perch, and bass.

Using this lure is a breeze! With hooks already molded in, all I had to do was tie my line to the eyelet and start casting. I experimented with different twitches while reeling in to entice the fish, and I could visibly see them getting attracted to the lure.

While it’s an innovative and high-quality product, the Junior Tadpole isn’t perfect. Even though fish seemed interested, I didn’t see the catch rate I’d hoped for. Additionally, the color variety is a bit limited, which could affect the lure’s effectiveness when fish are picky. The one available size could also potentially limit the range of fish caught.

In conclusion, I’d recommend giving the Delong Lures Junior Tadpole a try, but don’t expect it to be a miracle worker. Its realism and durability are commendable, but its efficacy might be a hit-or-miss depending on the location and fish preferences.

JSHANMEI Fishing Crappie Jig Heads

Fishing Crappie Jig Heads 20pcs Marabou Feather Jig Head
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The JSHANMEI Fishing Crappie Jig Heads are a great option for bluegill enthusiasts due to their color, action, and durability.


  • Brightly colored and realistic jig heads for visibility
  • Lifelike action with thread body and feather tail
  • Sharp and strong barbed hooks


  • Feathers may come off after catching a few fish
  • Paint on the head may chip after multiple casts
  • Hook size might be too small for some users

I recently used the JSHANMEI Fishing Crappie Jig Heads during a fishing trip, and the brightly colored jig heads with dotted eyes made them easily visible underwater. The combination of the jig head, thread body, and feather tail created a lifelike action in the water, attracting fish effectively.

However, after catching a few fish, I noticed that the feathers started to come loose on some of the jigs. Additionally, the paint on the head began to chip after many casts throughout the day. I also found that the hook size might be too small for some anglers, especially if targeting larger fish.

Despite these minor issues, the JSHANMEI Fishing Crappie Jig Heads worked well for a variety of fish species, including bluegill and crappie. The 20-piece pack includes five different colors and three size options, making it easy to find the perfect combination for different fishing conditions. Overall, I believe the JSHANMEI jigs make for a valuable addition to any tackle box.

Buying Guide For Bluegill Lures

When it comes to choosing the best lures for bluegill, it’s essential to consider several factors that can make a significant difference in your success. In this buying guide, I’ll cover the essential features and aspects to look for when selecting a bluegill lure.

First, consider the size and shape of the lure. Bluegill have small mouths, so it’s crucial to pick a lure that they can easily bite. Smaller lures, typically between 1 to 2 inches, are ideal for catching bluegill. Also, consider lures with a natural shape that resembles the bluegill’s favorite prey, such as insects, worms, and small fish.

Next, color plays a significant role in attracting bluegill. Keep in mind that these fish rely on their sight to locate food, so brightly colored, high-contrast lures are more likely to get their attention. Some effective colors include combinations of red, yellow, green, and black.

Another essential factor when choosing a bluegill lure is the type of action or movement it produces in the water. Bluegill are attracted to lures that mimic the movements of their prey, so opt for lures that create an enticing and realistic action. Some examples include jigs, spinners, and soft plastic baits that resemble insects or worms.

Lastly, consider the depth at which the bluegill are feeding. Bluegills can be found at various depths, depending on the time of year and water temperature. Select lures that allow you to control the depth, such as floating, sinking, or suspending lures. This will help you target bluegill in different parts of the water column.

Remember these tips when choosing the best bluegill lure, and you’ll be on your way to a successful fishing trip.

Common Questions Related to Bluegill Fishing

best lures for bluegill

What type of artificial bait works well for bluegill?

In my experience, small soft plastic baits like grubs, tubes, and creature baits work well for bluegill. These baits mimic the natural food sources of bluegill, such as insects, small fish, and crustaceans. I recommend using baits that are around 1 to 2 inches long for the best results.

Which lures are effective for bluegill in summer?

In the summer (while bluegill are spawning), I find that topwater lures like poppers, small frogs, and floating insects can be highly effective for catching bluegill. These lures imitate insects landing on the water’s surface, which is a common occurrence in the summer months. Besides topwater lures, small spinnerbaits and inline spinners can also work well as they create vibrations that attract bluegill.

What techniques are best for catching bluegill?

The techniques I find most effective for catching bluegill include:

  1. Cast and retrieve: Cast your lure or bait near structures or cover, then slowly retrieve it. Bluegills are often found near vegetation, rocks, or docks. Vary the speed of your retrieve and pause occasionally to trigger a strike.
  2. Bobber fishing: Use a bobber to suspend your bait or lure just above the bottom. This allows your bait to remain in the strike zone and gives bluegill more time to investigate before striking.
  3. Drop shotting: This technique involves using a weight to keep your bait near the bottom, while a hook on a leader above the weight holds your bait off the bottom. This presentation is highly effective for bluegill and other panfish.

Is corn a good bait for bluegill?

Yes, corn can be an effective bait for bluegill, especially canned sweet corn kernels. I recommend using just one or two kernels on a small hook, as bluegill have small mouths. Corn is a popular bait for bluegill because it is inexpensive, easy to use, and readily available.

Which micro lures are suitable for panfish?

Micro lures I find suitable for panfish, including bluegill, are:

  1. Micro crankbaits: Small, shallow-diving crankbaits can imitate small fish and insects that bluegill feed on.
  2. Micro spoons: Tiny spoons can mimic small baitfish and can be effective when jigged or retrieved steadily.
  3. Micro soft plastics: Small grubs, tubes, and creature baits can be used on a jig head or drop shot rig to imitate insects, crustaceans, and small fish.

Which jig colors attract bluegill the most?

In my experience, bluegill are often attracted to jig colors that closely resemble their natural prey. Some of the most effective jig colors for bluegill include:

  1. Natural colors: Browns, greens, and blacks can represent insects, small fish, and crustaceans.
  2. Bright colors: Chartreuse, white, and yellow can provoke aggressive strikes from bluegill, especially in murky water or low light conditions.
  3. Multi-colored: Combining natural and bright colors can strike a balance between mimicking prey and attracting attention.

Experimenting with different colors based on the water conditions and location can help you determine which jig colors work best for you.

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