Best Flounder Lures to Help You Catch More Fish

Hey there! Welcome to my best Flounder lures review.

I have been fishing for Flounder since I was little and now am limited to a short season here on the coast of North Carolina. Although we have a short season now with current regulations, when it’s time to fish for Flounder, I go all out.

These Flounder lures are head and shoulders above the rest and have proven to be highly effective for me.

You don’t have to go around town and talk to every tackle shop to get out on the water and start catching fish. Choose one of these lures, and you’ll get an effective lure guaranteed to help you catch more Flounder.

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Best Flounder Lures – Comparison Table

Best Flounder Lures Reviewed

I have compiled a list of the best flounder lures available on Amazon. These products stand out for their effectiveness in attracting flounder and making your fishing experience more enjoyable.

Avlcoaky Shrimp Lure Bass Fishing Saltwater

OROOTL Bucktail Jigs Saltwater
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I recommend Avlcoaky Shrimp Lures for anyone seeking an effective and realistic solution for catching speckled trout, flounder, redfish, and bass.


  • Realistic appearance mimicking live shrimp
  • Lifelike swimming action when jigging
  • Six different lures in the package


  • Only two of the lures fully glow in the dark
  • Quality may not meet every angler’s expectations
  • Size may be smaller than expected for some

I recently used the Avlcoaky Shrimp Lures for bass fishing and found them to be quite effective in attracting fish. These soft plastic shrimp lures have an impressively lifelike design, making them irresistible to fish. The realistic-looking shrimp with flawless replication adds to their attractiveness.

One feature I particularly enjoyed is that these lures mimic live shrimp’s swimming action. When I allowed them to rest on the bottom and jigged them from time to time, they seemed to propel along the water just like real shrimp. This further adds to their overall effectiveness when it comes to attracting fish.

While I appreciate that six different lures come in the package, only two of them fully glow in the dark. The others rely on embedded luminous hooks, shimmering tips, and luminescent beads. Anglers who prefer fully glowing lures might find this slightly disappointing. Additionally, these lures may not meet everyone’s quality expectations, and they might be smaller than expected for some.

In conclusion, the Avlcoaky Shrimp Lure Bass Fishing Saltwater set is a good option for anglers who want a realistic and effective lure for catching various fish species. Despite a few limitations, they can serve as a valuable addition to any tackle box.

Fishing Lures 4 New Bearded Buzzbait Bucktail Saltwater Jigs

Bearded Buzzbait Bucktail Saltwater Jigs
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I recommend these Fishing Lures Saltwater Jigs for their lifelike design and great performance in catching flounder.


  • Lifelike bearded design
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater
  • Equipped with a strong, sharp worm hook


  • Colors shipped randomly
  • May not be ideal for snag-prone areas due to multiple hooks
  • Contains lead, requiring caution and hand-washing after use

The first thing I noticed about these Fishing Lures Saltwater Jigs is their bearded design, which adds a realistic look to the lure and attracts more fish. The high-quality silicone skirt and ultra-thin ribbons also create a lifelike water wave motion, which helps improve the hit rate.

I was impressed with their versatility as these lures are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. I’ve used them in various fishing scenarios, targeting species like flounder, fluke, and walleye. The strong and sharp worm hook specifically designed for this jig head significantly improves the catch rate, while the glow eye enhances visibility underwater.

One downside is that these lures might not be ideal for areas with many snags, as they are equipped with multiple hooks. Additionally, the colors are shipped randomly, so you might not receive your desired color. Lastly, the lures contain lead, so be cautious and wash your hands thoroughly after handling them.

Overall, the Fishing Lures 4 New Bearded Buzzbait Bucktail Saltwater Jigs perform well in catching flounder and other fish. The lifelike design, versatility, and strong worm hook make these lures an excellent addition to your tackle box. However, be prepared for the random color selection and remember to handle the lures with care due to their lead content.

Sea Striker 365 Squid Sand eel 3 Inch

Sea Striker 365-SE Squid Rigs Fluke/Flounder Fishing Lure
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The Sea Striker 365 Squid Sand eel is the ideal flounder lure, offering an enticing design with practical features.


  • Durable 3″ squid skirt rig
  • Easy sinker attachment with #4 three-way swivel
  • Effective 1/0 saltwater wide gap flounder hook


  • Smaller than some competitors
  • May require getting used to the size
  • Potential difficulties with sinker attachment

During my recent fishing experience with the Sea Striker 365 Squid Sand eel, I found it perfect for those looking for an effective flounder lure. The 3″ squid skirt rig presents an appealing target for flounders, as it closely resembles their natural prey.

Despite the lure being somewhat smaller than I initially anticipated, I quickly realized that the size is indeed well-suited for luring flounder. The materials used in its construction make it resilient, allowing it to withstand multiple fishing trips.

Attaching a sinker to the lure is a breeze due to the #4 three-way swivel at the top. This design feature significantly simplifies the process, saving time and effort during setup. Additionally, the 1/0 saltwater wide gap flounder hook and #2 nickel spinner blade work in tandem to attract and effectively hook the target fish.

In conclusion, the Sea Striker 365 Squid Sand eel is a great option for those looking to catch flounder. Its combination of enticing design and practical elements makes it a reliable choice. While it may take some time to get used to its size and attachment design, it is certainly worth the effort to boost your flounder-catching success.

Sherr 28 Pcs Saltwater Fishing Lures Set

28 Pcs Saltwater Fishing Lures Set
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This lure set is recommended for anglers looking for versatile and effective flounder lures for both day and night fishing.


  • 7 different colors for ample variety
  • Luminous design ideal for night fishing
  • Durable silicone shrimp and sharp metal hooks


  • May require adjustment to angling line attachment
  • Potential size errors in manual measurement
  • Color differences due to screen displays

I recently went fishing with the Sherr 28 Pcs Saltwater Fishing Lures Set and found the variety of colors to be highly beneficial when targeting flounder. It was easy to switch between the seven different colors to find the most effective one for the current fishing conditions. The luminous design on the inner hook made for a fantastic night fishing experience, as the glow attracted more fish.

The silicone material used for the shrimp is soft yet strong, withstanding bites from predatory fish without breaking apart. I was impressed by the sharpness of the metal hooks, making it hard for fish to escape. The added bonus of the flexible swivels promotes aggressive swinging movements, effectively drawing the attention of nearby fish.

On the other hand, I noticed that the angling line attachment may require some adjustment to ensure a more secure connection. Also, keep in mind that you may encounter some slight differences in color from screen displays and size errors due to manual measurement. Apart from these minor concerns, the Sherr 28 Pcs Saltwater Fishing Lures Set is a solid addition to any angler’s flounder lure collection.

H&H TKO Shrimp Lure

H&H TKO Shrimp Lure with Lifelike Action for Redfish
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The H&H TKO Shrimp Lure is a reliable choice for catching flounder and other species with its lifelike action and durable design.


  • Lifelike action that attracts various fish species
  • Durable stainless steel hooks
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater applications


  • Only includes three lures in the pack
  • May not perform well in extremely murky water
  • Limited color options are available

I recently used the H&H TKO Shrimp Lure while fishing for flounder, and I was quite impressed with its performance. The lure features a lifelike action that appeals not only to flounder but also other fish, like speckled trout, redfish, snook, and bass. It adds variety to my tackle box and increases the chances of a successful catch.

The sturdy stainless steel hooks on these lures ensure they won’t give up during a tough fight. I’ve caught some large fish with this lure, and the hooks have held up well without any signs of bending or breaking. The TKO Shrimp Lure can be used in different water environments, from saltwater to freshwater, making it versatile for various outings.

However, the pack comes with only three lures, which might be limiting if you require more for frequent fishing trips. Also, the lure’s color options are limited, which may not be suitable for all water conditions. More importantly, the lure may not be particularly effective in very murky water, as its action might not be as visible to fish at such times.

Overall, the H&H TKO Shrimp Lure with Lifelike Action proves to be an effective choice for catching flounder and other fish species in various conditions. While it might have some limitations, its durable design and versatile application make it a valuable addition to my tackle box.

OROOTL Bucktail Jigs

OROOTL Bucktail Jigs Saltwater
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The OROOTL Bucktail Jigs offer great value and performance for anglers targeting a variety of fish species in both fresh and saltwater environments.


  • Realistic design with 3D eyes and hand-tied deer hair
  • Premium 2X strong hooks for better penetration and fish retention
  • Versatile for targeting multiple fish species


  • Hooks may need sharpening out of the package
  • Protective hook cover can be difficult to remove
  • Some users may need to reinforce the hair attachment

I recently took the OROOTL Bucktail Jigs saltwater fishing, and I found them to be quite effective. The 3D eyes and hand-tied deer hair create a lifelike presentation that got the attention of several different fish species. With 5pcs in a pack and the choice between 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 3/2 oz, and 2 oz, they provide versatility and value for the money.

However, I did find that the hooks needed a quick sharpening before hitting the water. Be sure to carefully remove the protective plastic film from the hooks, as it can be a bit challenging. Once sharpened and ready to go, the ultra-sharp needle point hooks really helped in securing fish during the fight.

Durability was solid, thanks to the bucktail jig head’s epoxy finish. It held up well, even after multiple catches and exposure to saltwater. But, I did find that reinforcing the hair attachment with some glue can be helpful if you expect aggressive fish to rough up the jig.

Overall, I would recommend the OROOTL Bucktail Jigs to anyone looking for an affordable, versatile lure with lifelike appeal. Just prepare to make a few minor adjustments for optimal performance and durability.

JSHANMEI Fishing Squid Rigs Kit

Fishing Squid Rigs Making Kit 161pcs Fluke Flounder Saltwater Fishing Hoochie Rig
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The JSHANMEI Fishing Squid Rigs Kit is a versatile and value-packed option for flounder fishing enthusiasts.


  • Comprehensive 161-piece DIY kit
  • High-quality PVC rubber hoochie lure
  • Durable copper spinner blade clevis


  • Can be time-consuming to assemble
  • Limited color options
  • Knot-tying skills required

I recently had the opportunity to try out the JSHANMEI Fishing Squid Rigs Kit, and I was impressed by the sheer variety of components included. With 161 pieces ranging from soft hoochie lures to spinner blades, I had everything I needed to make customized flounder fishing rigs tailored to my preferences.

The soft PVC rubber hoochie lures caught my attention with their lifelike appearance and movement, making them an effective choice for flounder fishing. Paired with the high-strength three-way swivel and duo lock snap, I experienced no tangling issues, and I appreciated the durability of the copper spinner blade clevis, which held up well in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

However, I did find assembling the rigs to be time-consuming, and I would recommend this kit for those who enjoy a hands-on approach to their fishing gear. Additionally, the color options for the hoochie lures were limited, which might be a drawback for those looking to match specific conditions or preferences. Lastly, having knot-tying skills was essential to make the most of this kit.

Overall, I believe the JSHANMEI Fishing Squid Rigs Kit provides excellent value and customization options for flounder fishing enthusiasts willing to invest time in rig assembly and who possess knot-tying skills.

Consideration For Flounder Lures

flounder lures

When it comes to choosing the best flounder lures, I consider several important factors to ensure the highest chance of success during fishing trips. By paying attention to these key features, I can make an informed decision and ultimately select the right lures for my needs.

Shape and Size

One of the first things I look at is the shape and size of the flounder lures. Since flounder typically prey on small fish, it’s important to choose lures that mimic these fish in size and movement. Stick to lures that are 3-5 inches in length, as these will closely resemble the baitfish that flounder hunt.


Flounder respond well to certain colors, so I opt for lures with effective color patterns. Natural colors such as silver, gray, and brown are ideal as they resemble the baitfish flounder typically feed on. Additionally, other colors such as chartreuse or fluorescent pink can also work well in murky waters where visibility is low.

Materials and Durability

Quality materials and durability are also crucial when selecting flounder lures. I look for lures made of strong and sturdy materials like high-quality plastics and metal components that hold up well to repeated use and constant exposure to saltwater environments.

Action and Motion

The action and motion of a lure play a significant role in attracting flounder. I prefer lures with realistic swimming action and vibration to mimic the movement of live bait. The more life-like the movement, the better the chances of enticing flounder to bite.

By considering all these factors, I can confidently select the best flounder lures for my fishing needs without relying on specific brands or products.

Common Questions Related to Flounder Fishing

best flounder lures

What colors are most effective for flounder lures?

In my experience, flounder are typically attracted to bright and natural colors. Some of the most effective colors include chartreuse, white, pink, and patterns resembling baitfish like mullet or menhaden.

Which artificial baits are ideal for catching flounder?

There are several artificial baits that I’ve found effective for catching flounder, such as soft plastics, bucktail jigs, and spinnerbaits. Soft plastics, like swimbaits and curly-tail grubs, are popular for their realistic swimming action. Bucktail jigs are effective when tipped with a strip of bait to add scent. Spinnerbaits, like inline spinners or spinner rigs, create vibrations that attract flounder.

What are the popular live baits for flounder?

I’ve discovered that the most popular live baits for flounder are finger mullet, mud minnows, and shrimp. These baits closely resemble their natural prey and are very effective when fished near the bottom.

What type of Gulp baits are effective for flounder?

Gulp baits, with their strong scent profile, have proven successful in catching flounder. I personally prefer Gulp shrimp, swimming mullet, and jerk shad for their lifelike appearance and movement in the water.

What are the common flounder rig options for pier and surf fishing?

For pier and surf fishing, I’ve found that the two most common flounder rig options are the Carolina rig and the Fish Finder rig. Both of these rigs keep the bait near the bottom, which is essential for targeting flounder.

Which flounder rig works best for live bait fishing?

When I fish with live bait for flounder, my go-to rig is the Carolina rig, which helps present the live bait more naturally and keeps it close to the bottom. The sliding sinker also allows flounder to pick up the bait without feeling resistance, resulting in a higher hookup rate.

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