Best Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Hey, kayak anglers! Welcome to my best inflatable fishing kayak review.

I spent an entire week researching and testing 12 popular inflatable fishing kayaks. Then, I ranked them based on stability, portability, customizability, weight, speed, comfort, and fishing features (tackle box storage, rod holders, fish finder mounts, dry storage, etc.).

These inflatable fishing kayaks blew the competition out of the water (pun intended).

You don’t have to buy a truck, move into a bigger house, or take a withdrawal from your 401k to get out on the water and start catching fish. Choose one of these inflatable fishing kayaks, and you’ll get a reliable, space-saving, and portable fishing kayak to help you catch more fish.

Ready to get off the couch and on the water?

Let’s go!

The best inflatable fishing kayak is the NRS Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak.

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks – Comparison Table

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks For Reviewed

NRS Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Our Pick
NRS Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak
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Price: $$$

Length: 12’6″

Width: 38″

Weight Capacity: 375lb

Why buy the NRS Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak?

  • Complete fishing kayak, ready to get you on the water and catching fish
  • Great for stand-up fishing
  • Self-bailing cockpit so you can take on breakers and rough waters
  • Tracking is comparable to hard-shell kayaks
  • Integrated fish measuring board on the deck
  • Five YaAttack mounting areas for ultimate customization
  • 3-year warranty

Introducing the world’s most advanced, best-tracking, and comfortable inflatable fishing kayak: The NRS Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak.

It’s more than just an inflatable kayak – it’s an over-engineered fishing craft with a super stable deck that you would only expect to find on hard-bottom kayaks. No other inflatable fishing kayak has more features, better tracking, or is more stable than the NRS Pike.

The NRS Pike is superior to other inflatable kayaks because of the design and top-notch materials that NRS used for this impressive fishing kayak.

For one, you have all the fishing features you can imagine, including – five YakAttack accessory mounts, an elevated fishing seat, a drop stitch floor for stand-up fishing, and an integrated fish ruler on the deck.

The deck pad protects the PVC from snags and helps you keep your footing even in wet conditions.

Imagine throwing the NRS Pike carrying bag over your shoulder at the end of the dirt rod and walking a mile down a lightly traveled trail to get to a remote launch point. Then you inflate and rig your kayak in less than five minutes. Next, you push off the bank and start paddling to a secluded area where no other boat can go, and you are landing the Largemouth Bass you’ve always dreamed of.

Only inflatable fishing kayaks can provide you with that kind of scenario. And the NRS Pike is the cream of the crop.

After paddling on the NRS Pike for two days on Randleman Lake just outside of Charlotte, NC, it is insanely versatile and stable.

This inflatable kayak is just as stable as my hard-bottom kayaks. Plus, being able to transport it easily and access areas that I’d never be able to with hard-bottom kayaks gave me an advantage, and all limitations were thrown out of the window.

What You’ll Love About The NRS Pike

  • Stand up and cast with confidence: the NRS Pike is easily the most stable inflatable kayak I have ever fished on, and this is a big reason why I am rating it as the best inflatable fishing kayak. The drop stitch floor lived up to the hype, and I never hesitated to move around the deck and step into my casts.
  • Ultimate portability: this is something you’ll love about all the kayaks on this list (except the bonus pick). Inflatable kayaks allow you to launch just about anywhere without breaking your break or worrying about dragging your keel to the point it gives out.
  • Customizability: with five mounting areas, you have plenty of out-of-the-box ways to customize this fishing kayak, like adding a fish finder, extra rod holders, a GoPro, etc.
  • Durable, Durable, Durable: this boat was made to shrug off rocks and keep moving for years and years. NRS designed this boat for kayak anglers who want to get into challenging conditions to cast to fish who have never seen a lure before.

What You Won’t Love About the NRS Pike

  • Low-weight capacity: with a weight capacity of 375 pounds, bigger kayak anglers who prefer to carry a big load of fishing gear may have to shy away from the NRS Pike and opt for a kayak built to carry more weight.

If you are a serious angler looking to take your fishing to the next level, then the NRS Pike will help get you there. This kayak is in its class regarding durability, tracking, and stability.

So if you’re ready to go where no roto-molded kayak can take you, there’s no better option than the NRS Pike!

Sea Eagle Fast Track Inflatable Kayak

Runner Up
Sea Eagle Fast Track Inflatable Fishing Kayak W/ Swivel Seat
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Price: $$$

Length: 12’6″

Width: 36″

Weight: 45lbs

Weight Capacity: 635lbs

Why buy the Sea Eagle Fast Track Inflatable Kayak?

  • Stable deck for stand-up fishing
  • The swivel chair makes it easy to cast 360 degrees around the kayak while sitting
  • Tapered bow cuts through chop and boat wake
  • Integrated fish ruler on the starboard side of the kayak
  • Four built-in fishing rod holders
  • 3-year warranty

Not far behind the NRS Pike is the Sea Eagle Fast Track Angler.

It’s comparable to the Pike regarding stability, durability, and fishing features. Still, it supports nearly twice the weight capacity and has a swivel chair that was more comfortable than I had anticipated.

Oh, and you don’t have to give up the three-year warranty.

Like the NRS Pike, it is stable, durable, and boasts well-thought-out fishing features. The critical difference is that the NRS Pike is faster and tracks better, especially in windy conditions.

The NRS Pike’s tracking and speed are hard to beat for the following best inflatable fishing kayaks. But the Sea Eagle Fast Track Angler is nothing to sneeze at. This kayak is perfect for anglers looking for a kayak that offers stability, comfortable seating, and features to enhance their fishing game without breaking the bank.

And if you’re worried about tracking in windy conditions, there’s always the option of adding a rudder or skeg to it.

Plus, just like the Pike, the Sea Eagle Fast Track Angler feels incredibly durable. The Alligator-like material outside the kayak feels like it will stand up to the test of hardcore kayak anglers.

These kayaks are great options for anglers looking to get out on the water with minimal fuss and maximum fishing potential. If you’re ready to take your fishing game to the next level, these two inflatable fishing kayaks must be at the top of your list.

What You’ll Love About The Sea Eagle Fast Track Inflatable Kayak

  • More fishing features than some high-end traditional kayaks: Sea Eagle integrated four built-in rod holders plus reinforced cut-outs on the spray skirts for pliers, lures, and other tools. And the bungee cord gear storage area was perfect for securing my tackle box throughout your fishing trips.
  • The swivel chair: When I first laid eyes on the swivel chair, I thought it’d be uncomfortable, but boy, was I wrong. This chair feels like one I would be happy sitting on the beach with for hours on end. Plus, it swivels, which means you can cast and retrieve 360 degrees around the kayak while sitting down.
  • Optional motor mount: I didn’t do it, but plenty of folks have added a trolling motor to this inflatable kayak. You heard me right: a trolling motor on an inflatable kayak.
  • Shallow 6″ draft: Step into this kayak and discover places that no other boat can access. With a draft of only 6″, it will take you to nooks and crannies where you’ll be able to fish like never before!

What You Won’t Love About the Sea Eagle Fast Track Inflatable Kayak

  • Less storage capacity than the NRS Pike: while these two kayaks are similar sizes, the NRS pike has more efficient gear storage, and I could pack more onboard while not feeling as crammed as I was on the Sea Eagle Fasttrack Angler.

If speed and tracking are at the top of your list, then the NRS Pike is my recommendation.

Conversely, if a comfortable swivel chair and an extra durable outer layer are the priority, it’s a toss-up between the NRS Pike and the Sea Eagle Fast Track Angler.

My top picks for the best inflatable fishing kayak are head and shoulders above the competition. But if you are looking for a budget pick, a kayak for more than fishing, a paddle board and kayak hybrid, or a bonus pick, keep reading.

Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Fishing Kayak (Single)

Budget Pick
Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Fishing Kayak (Single or Tandem)
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Price: $$

Length: 10’10”

Width: 39.5″

Weight: 40 lbs.

Deck Height: 13″ 

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

Why buy the Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Fishing Kayak?

  • Drop stitch floor allows anglers to stand up and cast
  • Multiple mounting points for accessories
  • High-end experience without the high-end price
  • Durable PVC that holds up to rocks and logs
  • It comes with a foldable paddle and carry bag

Up next is the best budget inflatable fishing kayak. The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead 130 offers impressive durability and features for a kayak priced at less than $1000.

Like the first two kayaks, the Steelhead has drop stitch flooring, allowing kayak anglers to sight cast and get a better vantage point than sitting down.

Although I felt comfortable standing up on the Steelhead, the stability was noticeable behind the NRS Pike and Sea Eagle FastTrack.

Regarding durability, the Steelhead is right up there with the top two. The PVC construction is top-notch, and I didn’t feel a bit of worry while bumping around rocks and logs on my fishing trip.

The Steelhead also comes with four built-in rod holders, a bungee cord storage area on the bow, an open stern area, and is also self-bailing.

Overall, the Steelhead is a great budget pick and will provide you with all the features and dependability you need to get on the water and start catching fish.

If you want a more high-end experience but still want to save money, then the Steelhead is worth considering.

What You’ll Love About The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak

  • Easy transport & setup: just like the rest of the kayaks on my list, the Steelhead was easy to set up and transport with the carry bag and foldable paddle. However, this kayak was the fastest to set up among all the kayaks I tested. The pump was well-made and highly effective.
  • Surprisingly stable: while this kayak is the least expensive on the list, it was remarkably stable and held up when I shifted weight and stood up.
  • Available as tandem inflatable fishing kayaks: if the Steelhead checks all of your boxes, but you want to make sure your spouse and friend are included, upgrade to a tandem fishing kayak for only $40 more.

What You Won’t Love About the Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak

  • It’s slow: compared to the other kayaks on this list, the Steelhead needed more speed and tracking, especially when the wind picked up. The removable skeg that is included wasn’t effective.
  • Storage capacity is lacking: being only 10’10”, this inflatable kayak is shorter than most inflatable fishing kayaks, and the lack of storage space highlights this. My tackle box barely fit, and there was only room for a small cooler.

If you are looking for a budget inflatable kayak that can perform like the more expensive models, check out the Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Kayak. The drop stitch floor and durable PVC construction make this one of the best options in its price range.

But if you want the best of the best and are willing to pay a bit more, move the Steelhead down your list and pick another of our top picks.

Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler 130 Sit-on-Top Inflatable Kayak

Most Versatile
Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler 130 Inflatable Kayak - Paddle
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Price: $$$

Length: 13′

Width: 38″

Weight: 41 lbs.

Deck Height: 13.5″

Weight Capacity: 650 lbs.

Why buy the Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler 130 Sit-on-Top Inflatable Kayak?

  • Plenty of storage space for all of your fishing gear – no matter what adventure
  • Extremely versatile to handle whitewater or sneaking up on a wary trout
  • Easy to customize with a variety of mounting points
  • Comfortable framed seat with high and low settings
  • Included fishing cooler

Next up is the most versatile inflatable fishing kayak on our list.

Whether you are hunting, camping, conquering whitewater, or paddling into a bay to fish for striped bass, this kayak can do it.

For one, the stern has about 4′ of open space for camping gear and the included fishing cooler, while the bow can store a tackle box and cast net.

And with mounting points on the bow, stern, and sides for accessories like lure holders, fish finders, or an anchor trolley system, you can customize this kayak to your needs.

The framed seat is also very comfortable and has adjustable high and low settings to maximize your field of view while fishing.

Finally, the Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler 130 is surprisingly nimble and easily handles whitewater up to class III rapids.

At such an attractive price point, this kayak truly offers excellent value for money with great versatility and performance without sacrificing comfort or storage capacity.

What You’ll Love About the Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler 130 Sit-on-Top Inflatable Kayak

  • Versatility: this inflatable fishing kayak has no boundaries, so the only thing holding you back from exploring and fishing unchartered waters is yourself.
  • The included backpack: this kayak easily folds into a bag that is included. I threw this on my back and hiked a couple of miles to a secluded spot where fish are not used to seeing lures. This is a significant advantage.
  • Mounting options: I rigged this kayak with two additional rod holders, a Humminbird fish finder, two tackle boxes, and a day pack. All of this, and I still had the room to add more accessories and fishing gear.

What You Won’t Love About the Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler 130 Sit-on-Top Inflatable Kayak

  • Lack of rod holders: only having two rod holders is not that big of a deal, but worth pointing out. You can easily add rod holder mounts to one of the mounting points, but it’d be nice to have flush-mounted rod holders.

For anglers who need a kayak for more than just fishing, check out the Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler.

NRS Kuda 126 Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak

Best For Stand-Up Fishing
NRS Kuda 126 Sit-On-Top Inflatable Kayak
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Price: $$$

Length: 12’6″

Width: 38″

Weight: 31 lbs.

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

Why buy the NRS Kuda 126 Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak?

  • A shallow draft gives this kayak no limits
  • Very stable while standing up
  • Ample room for customization
  • Highly maneuverable and lightweight
  • 3-year warranty

Although NRS doesn’t claim this is a SUP/kayak hybrid, I consider it one.

The NRS Kuda combines the stability of a SUP and the fishability of a fishing kayak – all into one highly maneuverable fishing machine.

The NRS Kuda is an excellent option for fly-fishing anglers who need a snag-free deck and the ability to get into shallow water.

For a complete list of the best fly fishing kayaks, click here.

My favorite thing about the NRS Kuda is the open floor plan. The open deck gives room for any DIYers who love to customize their kayak and bring along plenty of fishing gear.

One more thing that I love about the Kuda that can make this kayak stick out from the crowd is the ability to add an Electric Torqeedo motor. For more information on how to do this, along with adding other customizations, watch this helpful video below:

What You’ll Love About the NRS Kuda 126 Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak

  • Shallow draft: with a minimal draft, you can access places other kayaks can’t reach.
  • Stability: with a wide hull and flat bottom, this kayak offers remarkable stability in virtually any water condition.
  • Customizable: from lure holders, motors, and gear storage compartments- the Kuda is ready for whatever you throw!

What You Won’t Love About the NRS Kuda 126 Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak

  • Gets moved around in windy conditions: I noticed it wasn’t easy to keep my heading and position whenever the wind picked up. Being lightweight, these inflatable kayaks are vulnerable to high winds and strong currents.

Overall, the NRS Kuda is one of the best inflatable fishing kayaks that supports kayak anglers who prefer to stand up while fishing.

Sea Eagle FSK16 Inflatable Fishing Boat

Bonus Pick
Sea Eagle FSK16 FishSkiff16 Inflatable Frameless Fishing Boat
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Price: $$$

Length: 16′

Width: 4’8″

Weight: 82 lbs.

Weight Capacity: 1,765 lbs.

Why buy the Sea Eagle FSK16 Inflatable Fishing Boat?

  • An inflatable skiff that combines portability and ultimate fishability
  • Go further in rougher conditions than other inflatable crafts
  • This skiff fits two adults comfortably
  • Easily attach an electric trolling motor or small outboard engine
  • Paddle less and catch more fish

Last but not least is an inflatable craft that makes me excited.

This inflatable boat packs all of the benefits of an inflatable kayak but can hold its own in rougher conditions.

The Sea Eagle FSK16 is a must-have for fishermen who need the ability to go further out in search of bigger catches.

This inflatable boat is perfect for fishing for up to two adults. It can easily fit an electric trolling motor or small outboard engine, allowing you to explore different areas.

The open deck also offers plenty of room for a wide range of kayak fishing accessories to free your hands while reeling in the big ones.

While this inflatable fishing craft takes longer to set up and is more challenging to transport: IT IS WORTH IT!

This inflatable fishing boat allows you to take your fishing trip to the next level without paddling or turning around because the wind picks up or the water gets too rough.

Plus, this boat packs up into a small carrying back that can easily fit into a sedan’s trunk or a truck’s bed.

What You’ll Love About The Sea Eagle FSK16 Inflatable Fishing Boat

  • Travel 17 miles on a half gallon of gas: an easy-to-attach 6HP honda outboard motor comes with a built-in half-gallon gas tank that can last up to 17 miles. You can also add an external gas tank that easily hooks up to an adapter to take you further.
  • You can take a friend or spouse: There is plenty of room for two or even three anglers aboard this boat. No more cramming into a tandem kayak or having to leave anyone behind.
  • Travel under power: whether you choose to add an electric trolling motor or a gas-powered outboard engine, the FSK16 where get you where you want to go without having to paddle

What You Won’t Love About the Sea Eagle FSK16 Inflatable Fishing Boat

  • It takes time to set up: even with my dad’s help, it took us about an hour or so to have this thing minimally rigged up and ready to hit the water.
  • It’s expensive: especially if you want an outboard engine or trolling motor. The cost for all of the accessories will add up quickly.

If you want the portability of an inflatable kayak but the fishability of a boat: the Sea Eagle FSK16 is the solution you have been looking for!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Inflatable Kayaks For Fishing

Advantages of an Inflatable Kayaks For Fishing

  • More Portable
  • More Affordable
  • Easier to Store
  • Lightweight

Disadvantages of an Inflatable Kayaks For Fishing

  • They’re Not as Stable
  • They’re Not as Durable
  • They Take Longer to Set Up
  • They Can Be Harder to Paddle
  • They Can Be Less Comfortable

Considerations When Shopping For the Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

Man with fish on inflatable fishing kayak

Below are things you’ll want to consider when shopping for the best inflatable kayaks.

Sit-On vs. Sit-In Kayak For Fishing

For kayak fishing: IT’S GOTTA BE A SIT-ON-TOP KAYAK. Plain and simple.

Below are reasons why a sit-on-top is superior to a sit-in kayak for fishing.

  • They are easier to get in and out of pretty much in every instance
  • They are self-bailing, which means when water gets in, it goes right back out and keeps you from flooding.
  • You sit higher, allowing for a better view of the water
  • Many seating options for your comfort
  • More storage space and access to your gear
  • Ability to stand up
  • Easy to add accessories and customize


The length of your inflatable kayak will affect its speed and maneuverability.

Longer kayaks are generally faster, but shorter ones can fit into tighter spaces.


You’ll also want to consider the width of your fishing kayak, which affects stability. Generally speaking, wider kayaks are more stable than skinny ones but may be harder to paddle.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of your kayak is something that you’ll want to consider if you plan on carrying a lot of gear or are fishing with other people if you decide to go with a tandem inflatable kayak.

Be sure to choose an inflatable kayak with enough weight capacity for all the gear and people you plan on having in it.

Weight of the Kayak

The kayak’s weight is less crucial than roto-molded kayaks, but you still want to make sure you can lift it in and out of the water by yourself.

If not, you’ll be required to have a helping hand or a kayak trailer, but I’d only go this route with an inflatable kayak because isn’t that one of the reasons you wanted one in the first place? So, you could easily transport and set it up yourself without the restrictions of owning traditional kayaks.

Seat Comfort

Ensure the material is comfortable and provides enough back support if you plan to be in your kayak for extended fishing trips. Whether or not a seat is breathable and dries quickly is also essential, especially during the hot summer months.

Adjustable seats are crucial to get the best fit possible and whether or not it is high enough for you to sight cast while sitting down.

Fishing Accessories

Does it have pre-mounted areas for accessories? Does it have a transducer scupper? What about a spot for a fish finder on your kayak?

Those are just a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself.

Accessories can make or break a kayak, so you’ll need to consider which ones you want to add carefully.


The best inflatable fishing kayaks on our list are all made of highly durable material that can hold up to rocks, sticks, and whatever else you come across in the water.

However, consider the environment in which you plan to paddle in and think of whether or not an inflatable kayak will be able to withstand the abuse you plan on putting it through.

Common Questions Related to Kayak Fishing

Below are questions and answers I commonly hear regarding kayak fishing from inflatable kayaks.

Are inflatable kayaks good for fishing?

Yes, inflatable kayaks are great for fishing. They’re lightweight, easy to transport and set up, and can offer a lot of flexibility that many traditional kayaks struggle with.

Do I need a rudder on my inflatable fishing kayak?

No, you do not need a rudder on your kayak. However, having one can make it easier to maintain a straight course and keep you on track while fishing.

Are inflatable kayaks stable?

Yes, most inflatable kayaks are stable due to their length and width. However, the stability of an inflatable kayak will depend on what type of water conditions it is used in, so it is always a good idea to practice in calmer waters first.

Are inflatable fishing kayaks safe?

Yes, most inflatable kayaks are as safe as hard-shell kayaks when used correctly and with the proper safety equipment. Always wear a kayak fishing life jacket, and make sure you have some communication device with you whenever you are on the water.

Wrapping Up

best inflatable fishing kayak

Our Pick for the best inflatable fishing kayak is the NRS Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak.

Our top picks for the best inflatable fishing kayaks are excellent choices for anglers looking to get out on the water without worrying about storage and transportation.

They’re lightweight, easy to set up and break down, offer plenty of stability in most waters, and come with all sorts of features that make them perfect for fishing. Be sure to consider your weight capacity needs, seat comfortability level, as well as what accessories you may want when selecting an inflatable kayak.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the right one for you so that you can get out on the water and catch fish!

For more guides on choosing the best fishing kayak, check out the pages below:

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