How to Get a Fishing License at Walmart: Quick and Easy Guide

how to get a fishing license at walmart

Fishing is a popular outdoor activity millions of people in the United States enjoy. You will need a valid fishing license to fish legally in most states. One of the most convenient ways to obtain a fishing license is by purchasing one at Walmart, and while you’re there, you can find virtually anything else you will need, including affordable rod and reel combos, fishing line, and tackle.

In its Sports and Outdoor section, Walmart offers fishing licenses for sale, making it a convenient one-stop shop for all your fishing needs. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to get a fishing license at Walmart, including the costs and requirements.

Whether you’re a resident or non-resident, you can quickly acquire a fishing license and get out on the water in no time.


Customers need to provide certain information and documents to obtain a fishing license at Walmart. For a valid permit, applicants must have a photo ID and proof of residency, such as a utility bill or driver’s license, with the correct address.

Proof of age is also important as fishing licenses differ for various age groups, and specific age categories may be entitled to discounted fees. After providing the necessary documentation, customers can proceed to the Sports and Outdoor department in their local Walmart store to apply for the fishing license.

Knowing that fishing regulations and requirements vary from state to state is essential. It’s crucial to check the local fishing regulations before heading to Walmart to obtain a license. Most Walmart locations have access to this information on fishing licenses specific to their store’s state.

When applying for a fishing license at Walmart, applicants should consider the following types of licenses available:

  • Resident and non-resident licenses
  • Individual and family licenses
  • Short-term and annual licenses
  • Specific fish species licenses
  • Age-based licenses (senior, adult, and youth)

Ultimately, the specific requirements and available licenses depend on each state. Researching your state’s fish and wildlife agency website is key to understanding which documents and licenses apply to your situation.

Process of Obtaining a License

Getting a fishing license at Walmart is a simple and quick process. Start by visiting the Walmart customer service desk and requesting a fishing license application.

Once you receive the application, you must provide proof of age and residency. A valid driver’s license or state-issued identification card is typically sufficient proof. Non-residents may need to present additional documentation, such as a passport, to verify their identity.

After filling out the application, present it to the customer service associate with any required documentation and fees. Fishing license fees vary depending on age, residency, and duration. The associate will process your application and issue the fishing license immediately.

Aside from visiting the customer service desk in person, you can also obtain a Walmart fishing license over the phone. Locate your local Walmart’s phone number, and call during their operating hours to request a fishing license. The same information and documentation will be required, and the license will be mailed to you upon completing the application process.

Here’s a summary of the steps to obtain a Walmart fishing license:

  • Visit Walmart’s customer service desk or call
  • Request a fishing license application
  • Provide proof of age and residency (e.g., driver’s license or ID card)
  • Complete the application form and pay the required fees
  • Receive your fishing license in person or by mail

Remember that fishing regulations vary by state, so you must familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations applicable to the area where you intend to fish. A fishing license from Walmart will grant you the same privileges as one obtained through any other official channel, so you’re all set to start enjoying some angling adventures.

Costs and License Types

Walmart offers fishing licenses at varying costs and types, depending on factors such as residency, age, and the length of the license’s validity. It is essential to know the options available to ensure you purchase the appropriate fishing license for your needs.

A single-day fishing license for residents and non-residents is available for $11. If you only plan to fish briefly, this may be the most suitable option for you. Non-residents can also obtain an annual fishing license for $40 or a three-day tourist fishing license for $19.

If a state resident is between the ages of 16 and 65, their license costs $19. On the other hand, senior citizens aged 66 and older can purchase a fishing license for a reduced fee of $10.

Walmart also provides licenses for specific age groups, such as junior licenses for younger residents, costing $10 in some states. With this information, you can decide on the best fishing license type and price for your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have questions about obtaining a fishing license at Walmart. This section will address some frequently asked questions to help clarify the process.

1. Does Walmart sell fishing licenses?

 Yes, Walmart sells fishing licenses in their stores. However, not all locations may offer this service. You can purchase a fishing license online through your state’s wildlife department if your local Walmart doesn’t provide it.

2. How do I obtain a fishing license at Walmart?

 To obtain a fishing license at Walmart, you must visit the sports and outdoors department and talk to an associate. They will assist you in purchasing the appropriate support for your needs. Remember that you might need to provide personal information and identification to purchase a fishing license.

3. How much does a Walmart fishing license cost?

 The cost of a fishing license at Walmart may vary depending on factors such as the license type, your residency status, and the permit duration. Generally, the fees are similar to those your state’s wildlife department charges.

4. Can I get a Walmart fishing license online?

 While Walmart does not sell fishing licenses online, you can purchase a fishing license through your state’s wildlife department website. This can be a convenient option if your local Walmart does not offer the service or you prefer to obtain your license online.

Wrapping Up

In summary, obtaining a fishing license at Walmart is convenient for many individuals looking to fish legally in their local area or while traveling. The process is typically straightforward and requires just a few steps, such as gathering personal information and understanding the costs involved.

To make the most out of your Walmart fishing license purchase, visit the store during its operating hours and ensure you have a valid form of identification. Remember that license costs may vary and that there might be different options depending on your location, age, and fishing preferences.

Lastly, always follow local fishing rules, regulations, and guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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