Freshwater Fishing: 6 Tips to Get Started

This post will cover 6 tips to consider before heading out on your first freshwater fishing trip.
Freshwater Fishing: 6 Tips to Get Started

Every state across the country has a plethora of freshwater lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams, and rivers. The accessibility to freshwater fishing sites across the country makes it easy for beginners. With a few tips and simple tackle, you can enjoy this type of fishing from the shore, dock, or boats.

To get started here are 6 essentials to prepare you for Freshwater Fishing

  1. Get a fishing license for your state
  2. Choose a rod and reel
  3. Check the local forecast, sun and moon phases, as environmental factors play a large role in fish activity
  4. Learn the depth of the freshwater location you choose to fish. Water depth effects the water temperature and the water temperature effects the species that are present
  5. Select a bait to present to the fish you plan to target. Local bait and tackle shops are a great place to not only buy bait but also to get advice from a local
  6. Choose the right size hook and line

Imagine the look on your face when you catch that first fish. You can almost taste it! It’s a feeling of accomplishment like no other. With so many types of fish to choose from in freshwater, we’re sure there’s something out there just waiting for you.

What to do next?

Call up a friend and GO Fishing and then use our fishing location map to find a local fishing hole near you.

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